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Idea for new physics game

Postby IceFireXD » Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:53 pm

I am NOT posting this as a request for gristmill to make this. If someone wants to make this, feel free to, but please note me as inspiration or something.

Ok, so I just woke up like... 3 minutes ago, and 2 minutes ago I had an idea for a new game that is like Kerbal Space Program, Voxel games (though not a voxel game itself), From Dust, and the falling sand games combined.
A game that focuses on water physics.

I'm just gonna type out my thoughts as I'm thinking them.

You would get 3 base tools that don't necessarily follow the whole "physics" idea. A motor, a warmer, and a cooler. These 3 tools don't need power or anything like that.

The other tools you get are just functional things.
Pipes that you can make bigger or smaller (probably not pre-locked sizes) and put all sorts of angles into. These pipes can also be toggled from solid to clear, so you can watch the water flow through them. I'm not sure if it should have a pipe burst mechanic or not.

You would also have something like a concrete tool. You would use this to build most structures in the world, and can be used to carry water in the open, much like the aqueducts of Rome. This tool would have various "nozzles" that change how the concrete is applied to the world. One would be just a simple point that can be used to make rough designs or patch spots. Another would be a line that applies a thin but wide path of concrete. There could also be a "spray paint" style one that basically applies random dots of it within a specific perimeter.

There would also need to be a steel tool. This could be used to make large structural frames that can then be coated in concrete. This tool could also create steel cables that can anchor unstable structures. Because it's a game about water physics, obviously water could flow down a cable, dripping along the way if it's not steep enough to carry the stream. Over time, exposed steel structures (not cable, assume there is a plastic coating on it) would rust and become weaker.

There should also be something like a switch mechanism that is triggered by water flowing past it. It could be applied to an aqueduct, or a pipe, changing form based on what it's connected to (if a pipe, it would be integrated into a pipe so water can continue to flow).

Now to explain the 3 tools that don't match physics.

The motor could be connected to things like a pump to move water up, or a rotator to make things you connect to the rotator spin, which can also move water.

The heater unit can make the water boil, or just warm it up slightly. You would choose to what temperature the heater needs to heat the water up to, but it would only be able to change the temperature at the same rate as real world heaters. This way you can't just send 50 gallons a second through a heater that's 1ft/0.3m long and change the temperature of all 50 gal/s from 32F/0C to 500F/260C.

The cooler unit could cool the water directly, freezing it to itself, or the cooler can be connected to something like a concrete bucket and create a giant ice cube. The cooler unit would be able to affect the water a bit faster than the real world, simply because cooling can be an extremely slow process (an ice tray can take over an hour to begin freezing, and more than 6 hours to freeze solid).

All of this would take place on a randomly generated world. The world would look something like the environments you'd find around a peninsula, or maybe the bayou. You could probably choose what kind of general environment theme you want the map to have, leaving actual map generation to the game.

You can interact with this world from two vantage points. The first would be like how you play From Dust, or something like KSP's VAB view, where you can move around freely and interact however you want. The second would be a character's view. Your character however, can actually interact with the water. You could make a boat for him/her, or walk em out onto ice and watch them flail all over the place before eventually falling flat on their face.

This game would definitely be a sandbox creation style game, but there could be plenty of objectives to do. Water is incredibly powerful. When water changes from solid to gas (boils), it expands 1600 times. Think about that. One cubic foot(0.3^3 meters) of water, when boiled, wants to become one thousand, six hundred cubic feet(487.68^3 meters) of steam. This is why steam can power something like a car, without the need for gears. It's just that strong.
Liquid water is also far more powerful than most people give it credit. Flowing at just 6 mph/9.65 km/h, water exerts the same force per unit area as air blowing at EF5 tornado wind speeds.

The power of water, and its many forms could allow you to build incredible machinations. You could build a cannon that uses an effect known as the "steam hammer", where a bubble of steam flows through liquid water, cools rapidly, leaving behind a void. Nature hates voids. Water rushes in to fill the void, but it actually rushes in too fast, slams together, and creates an ENORMOUS amount of pressure. This pressure could fire ice chunks at trees or buildings you've put on the map.

You could even recreate the Eepy bird's famous coke and mentos video, using steam and water instead.

What do you guys think? I just had to type this out so I wouldn't forget it because I think this sounds AWESOME.
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Re: Idea for new physics game

Postby BriarFae » Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:56 pm


About aquaducts...
I think there is a formula were the water can climb a hill if it has momentum.
Something like 4 meters uphill followed by 1 meter down, at a gradual slope, repeated.
Saw it on a history show.
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