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Bot Symbols

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 8:06 am
by Hexecutioner
All bot symbols here:
:botmine: Bot Mine
:botplace: Bot Place
:botleft: Bot Left
:botright: Bot Right
:botback: Bot Back
:botforward: Bot Forward
:botdown: Bot Down
:botup: Bot Up
:botmove: Bot Move
:botmac1: Mac1
:botmac2: Mac2
:botmac3: Mac3
:botmac4: Mac4
:botmac5: Mac5
:botmac6: Mac6
:botmac7: Mac7
:botmac8: Mac8
:botmat1: Mat1
:botmat2: Mat2
:botmat3: Mat3
:botmat4: Mat4
:botmat5: Mat5
:botmat6: Mat6
:botmat7: Mat7

So that has been a guide of EVERY bot symbol. I hope this helps you make codes.