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Choose your own adventure

Postby JohnnyBlood » Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:39 pm

ok so i did this a while back and i'm not planning on finishing it, but i still like the idea so I'm just gonna put this here. This counts as a project/ showcase right? I mean... its kind of fanfic but I'm not too sure which it would go under. Because its kind of like a game...

Pg. 1

Employer: Hello, so you're here about employment, is that correct?

You: Yes.

Employer: Have you had any past occupations or experiences that you would like to contribute?

You: Yes, I worked as a private electrician and mostly did ships and other large vehicles. (pg.2)

You: Yes, I worked as a biologist for a few years and taught physiology for four years. (pg. 3)

You: Uh... well I worked as a fry cook once. (pg. 4)

You: Yes. I'm really good at 'Zombies from Space' and could be of use in case any 'zenos' show up (pg. 5)

You: I worked for Red Star Inc. as a xenominer. I was hoping I could do the same thing here. (pg. 6)

Pg. 2

Employer: You're exactly the kind of man we need. Come back here in three days and will get started.

After three days you come back, show them the paperwork, and hop on board. Someone shows you and some other new recruits around and finally drops you off at your room. Someone else is in the room.

Anonymous: You the new guy?

You: Yeah.

Cody: I could tell by that face your making. I'm Cody, I'm one of the ship's engineers. The best in fact.

You: I'm just an electrician. (pg. 7)

You: You seem real full of yourself. (pg. 8)

Pg. 3

Employer: Hmm... Well your knowledge does seem beneficial. We'll call you back if we can find a job for your talents.

They call you back and ask if you would like to start in a couple days. You agree and show up for your first day. You hop on board the ship, once inside you are given a tour of the place and are finally shown to your room. After unpacking your things another recruit shows up.

Anonymous: Hey are you my roommate?

You: I guess.

Dexter: I'm Dexter. I think I'm gonna be a navigator.

You: You think?

Dexter: They hired me because I know astronomy. I can't think of any other job they would hire me for. So why did they hire you?

You: Because I'm a biologist. (pg. 9)

You: Because I'm a physiologist. (pg. 10)

You: I'm not entirely sure. (pg. 11)

Pg. 4

Employer: Well... we are short on staff. If we can't find better candidates, we'll call you.

A couple days go by and you don't expect them to call back by this point. Fortunately they finally do. They tell you that if you still want the job you need to arrive for departure immediately. Excited about the news, you quickly arrive and get on board. They show you to your room where you meet your roommate.

Anonymous: Uh... hi.

You: Hello...

Anonymous: You new here too?

You: Yeah.

Craig: Finally. Someone I can relate to. My names Craig, what's yours?

You: ****

Craig: So what do you do around here?

You: Fuck if I know. (pg. 12)

You: Whatever they tell me to. (pg. 13)

You: I think I'm gonna scrub the toilets. (pg. 14)

Pg. 5

Employer: … We're done here.

Well you done goofed. It should be no surprise to you that this was the outcome. If you don't take this seriously than we wont take you seriously.

Pg. 6

Employer: We're not really looking for xenominers, but if a position opens up, we'll let you know.

Unfortunately you never hear back from Spacercatori, but it's not all that bad. You get to stay home and enjoy the toons, and hey, maybe it's a good thing they didn't hire you.
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Re: Choose your own adventure

Postby still crosshair » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:38 am

I enjoy this a lot :D
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