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Fallen Without Sound *yellow

Postby JohnnyBlood » Sat Aug 03, 2013 1:10 am

Book 1: After the Fall

[1st Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: Come in all personnel. This is Lyle Comms, head xenominer of the Sogni D'volo. We have one wounded, come in.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Lyle Comms: Alert, we have one down, come in, that's an order....figures.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Lyle Comms: Any personnel of the Sogni D'volo respond...respond!

[2nd Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: Attention, two survivors are stranded on Kyojin-B1. Do you read me?

[3rd Rotation Cycle]

Anonymous: Hello? Is there anyone out there?

Lyle Comms: Hello. This is Lyle Comms, we're here.

Anonymous female: Oh. I want to talk to him. How do I turn on my thing?

Justin Weelsie: This is Justin Weelsie.

Lyle Comms: There's a button under your helmet, press it.

Anonymous female: The red light's on. Hello?

Justin Weelsie: Hello? Anyone?

Lyle Comms: We come in. No, that's the recorder. Press the button underneath it.

Anonymous female: I heard a click.

Lyle Comms: Is the green light on?

Anonymous female: No.

Lyle Comms: Then that's not the button.

Anonymous female: Oh! It's on! Hello? Sir?

Justin Weelsie: Hello? Did anyone survive? Hello?

Anonymous female: Yeah, we survived.

[4th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: This is day 4 after the crash, locally speaking. There appears to be one other survivor, but we cant seem to contact him. I was looking around earlier to see if i could find anything of value, but now I'm heading back to the life pod to see how Pauldren's le- Ow! What is this...A camera?

Lyle Comms: Hmmmm

Justin Weelsie: Hello? I know someones out there! Say something!

Pauldren: Lyle, did you hear him.

Lyle Comms: What are you doing up? Your injured.

Pauldren: We're here, don't worry.

Lyle Comms: He can't hear you.

Alex Pauldren: Well it doesn't hurt to try. This is Alex, can you hear me?

Lyle Comms: Oops left this thing on.

Justin Weelsie: There you go again! I heard you! Say something damn it!

[5th Rotation Cycle]

Anonymous: Hel~~~ This is~~~~of the Sogni~~~~

Lyle Comms: Hello? This is Lyle Comms.

Alex Pauldren: Can you hear us?

Anonymous: I'm ge~~~too~~~stati~~~

Alex Pauldren: I can't hear you.

Lyle Comms: Where is your location?

Anonymous: I'm stu~~~~anyon~~~~~~~two oth~~~~ey're dea~~~~Ple~~~elp.

Lyle Comms: We'll... be... there.

Anonymous: Ple~~~~urry.

[6th Rotation Cycle]

Justin Wheelsie: Hello? Why are you quiet when I talk? I heard you... please... talk to me.
[next session]
Justin Wheelsie: Fuck you! Fuck all of you! How dare you do this to me!

[7th Rotation Cycle]

Anonymous: Th~~~somethi~~~~~ere~~~ Help!~~~Ple~~~elp!

Lyle Comms: Hello?! Hello?!

Alex Pauldren: Hello?

Lyle Comms: I'm coming to rescue you.

[8th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: I've lost count of the times the sun has risen, so I regret to inform you, listener, that I can't give you a clear time to follow. I am currently on the move in order to track down someones distress call. Pauldren is no longer with me and I gave away my only fire arm. I hope she doesn't ask too many questions about. I don't think she was suppose to leave the ship dur-

Alex Pauldren: Lyle? Lyle are you there?

Lyle Comms: What?! Is there something wrong?!

Alex Pauldren: No...I was just checking in to see if your alright.

Lyle Comms: I'm fine...

[9th Rotation Cycle]

Justin Wheelsie: I saw you! I know you'r over there! I'm gonna kick your ass!

Alex Pauldren: Hello? Hello?! ...Who do you think he was talking to?

Lyle Comms: I don't know, but apparently he's going to kick their ass.

Alex Pauldren: Why? Shouldn't he be happy someone found him?

Lyle Comms: I guess it's too late for that. I feel sorry for whoever's ass he's gonna kick.

[10th Rotation Cycle]

Alex Pauldren: Hello? Lyle?

Lyle Comms: Checking in on me again?...

Alex Pauldren: Well it's just...How do you do it?

Lyle Comms: Do what?

Alex Pauldren: Be alone? I feel like if I don't talk, nether will you.

Lyle Comms: I talk.

Alex Pauldren: You say a few sentences a day. I'm worried to talk to you because I feel like your angry at me.

Lyle Comms: I'm not angry at you.

Alex Pauldren: Then why are you so quiet?

Lyle Comms: I guess I just don't have much to say....Tell you what. I'll call you next time, ok?

Alex Pauldren: Ok... Thanks.

[11th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: Hey...

Alex Pauldren: Hey...

Lyle Comms: Um...I still haven't found any crash sites.

Alex Pauldren: Oh...

Lyle Comms: We, haven't heard from anyone in a while.

Alex Pauldren: Do you think they're all...

Lyle Comms: I doubt it. There were plenty of life pods.

Alex Pauldren: Not all of them made it to the moon...

Lyle Comms: Hey um... how are you?

Alex Pauldren: Really?

Lyle Comms: Well what else am I suppose to say? "Everyone is alive and well, having pizza."

Alex Pauldren:...I'm hungry.

Lyle Comms: Then take the rations.

Alex Pauldren: But my arm is sore and we're running out.

Lyle Comms: That is a serious issue. I'll try to salvage some rations if i can find any.

Alex Pauldren: How long are you going to be gone?

Lyle Comms: I'll head back in a couple days.

Alex Pauldren: Ok

[12th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: Hello, Alex?

Alex Pauldren: Yeah?

Lyle Comms: Um..You're not going to believe this.

Alex Pauldren: What?

Lyle Comms: I found rocks that glow.

Alex Pauldren: So?

Lyle Comms: "So"?

Alex Pauldren: Don't those exist on earth?

Lyle Comms: Not naturally. I thought this would be a big deal for you.

Alex Pauldren: Well I guess I'm just more interested in other things right now.

Lyle Comms: Like?

Alex Pauldren: ...Do you really think there are aliens here?

Lyle Comms: No.

Alex Pauldren: Then why did you give me your gun?

Lyle Comms: Because that guy on the radio scared the shit out of me.

Alex Pauldren: You think he will attack me?

Lyle Comms: No, but someone might.

Alex Pauldren: Do you think we'll end up like that.

Lyle Comms: No, we have each other.

Alex Pauldren: Says the man miles away from me.

Lyle Comms: You know what I mean... What have you been up to?

Alex Pauldren: I've been messing with some rocks.

Lyle Comms: How so?

Alex Pauldren: I made a smiley face.

Lyle Comms: ...Good for you.

[13th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: Alex? Alex?!

Alex Pauldren: What?! What's wrong?!

Lyle Comms: I found a life pod.

Alex Pauldren: Is it the guy on the radio?

Lyle Comms: I don't think so. It looks like they all died on impact.

Alex Pauldren: I thought the life pods were safe.

Lyle Comms: It doesn't look like the impact gel released. At least I can salvage some ratio-

Alex Pauldren: Hello?

Lyle Comms: Their suits, they're ripped.

Alex Pauldren: What?

Lyle Comms: I think th-~~~

[15th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: Testing...Ok, the recorder still works. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is...I'm screwed. The communications radio has been damaged, but the good news is I found a new life form and no one else is here to share the glory. When I get back, if I get back, I can sell this information to the boys over at HSG. They would pay handsomely to claim this discovery as their own. I'm getting off topic. I need to find my way back to Alex.... Shit.

[16th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: I'm seeing a lot of familiar looking landmarks, but I can't seem to find my way back. Everything looks the same. I hope Alex will be alright without me for a while.

[18th Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: I've been finding a lot of life pods on the way back. Most of them seem to be the same story, they didn't make it. There have been a few though that were empty. I don't think that's how the ship worked. I thought someone had to set them off manually.

[21st Rotation Cycle]

Lyle Comms: I've come across another life pod, but this one seems different. The door was removed and reattached, but it doesn't look like anyone was here for a while. I guess they never came back.
[next session]
Lyle Comms: I found some rations. If they didn't take them all then they weren't planning on moving, which means they must have died somewhere.
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *yellow

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can you spot the crossover *cough* Still? *cough*
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *yellow

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