HSG corpiration Classified information reveled

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HSG corpiration Classified information reveled

Postby still crosshair » Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:56 am

These documents where classified but where mistakenly thrown out. I have acquired them through some specific actions. These documents are mostly last logs and because of this they will each be there own topic. If there are more than one well then it will be added to that selection. These logs also have to do with more recent activity on xenos but also activity in the corporation and in the past operations done. I will release them as soon as I can but I must decrypt them first. Plus I have to lock the corporation out of these posts so they cant delete them as thou nothing happen. The Secret truth shall be revealed about the HSG corporation. But who would I be to not post a log at the end of this introduction. I guess I will release this death log.

Speaker: Joe

Occupation in corporation: Surface Miner

Job status: Rookie

Spoiler: show
I Hope this things recording. Anyhow I am about to go out on my own to do surface mining. First time alone the Pros say there is nothing out there but I don't believe them. There's guards with some big guns here. Why would they need them. They plan to drop me off south of the corporation in fresh unmined surface. But still in communication range and relay range.

Skipped to 1.5 HOURS later in log.

Well this is getting kind of old and the sun is out. I have done went through 4 of my 5 RADS. I also haven't heard a pick up date from the corporation yet. WAIT..... I see something on that ridge it appeared to have moved. Maybe its a hurt miner I think I will go check. It beats mining all day plus they may be in real danger. They seemed to be crawling but I seen what appeared to be A lose hose on the back of it Plus the PROS say there is nothing living here.

Skipped to 30 Minuets later in log.

I finally reached the hill but no sign of that person or thing. WAIT... I see a odd colored surface rock it may be very valuable. OH boy promotion from the rookie status here I come. I hear after rookie you can choose to carry your own small firearm during the job. Thou the weapons are very expensive still I think I will invest in one.

Skip to 15 Minuets later in log

Wow that's a odd material My crappy PICKS not telling me what it is. Do I really risk trying to gather this with this PICK. I should just let the corporation know right now. Crap no relay here where am I. Well I should start walking some where.

Skipped to 4.5 Hours later in log

Well I am stuck in a cave I blocked it in to protect from the radiation but still Its dark in here. I am also almost out of power so no more flash light. THIS IS SO BORING... What was that sound HELLO ANYONE THERE... Wait I heard it again it sounded like something walking. That was no rocks falling that was a growl.
Come on pick it faster its coming. What is that.

The log was filled with panting for 30 minuets than the sound of air leaking out and gasping. Than this was his last words.

IT has no fear in its eyes and can almost out run us it will Kill AHHHHH. Than body signs from the suit computer read deceased.

He was found with a gash in the back of his hose connecting the AIR to his suit and a large crack on his helmet visor the suit was mostly tore to shreds most likely after death body was mostly gone but the suit computer unharmed.
Radiation levels where at 75 by what the suit computer says. The rock mentioned never found. The company thinks he was just seeing things and fail while trying to run than a rock broke both his visor and HUD. As for the body being ripped apart they claim a small meteor hit him seeing as they fall commonly and he was found in a relatively new crater. Causing the body parts to go flying.
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Re: HSG corpiration Classified information reveled

Postby still crosshair » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:24 am

Site:4802 A

Base: Main facility complete

Coms Array: Down

Public knowledge of Base: None

Last Log detected

Speaker: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Job status Unknown

Spoiler: show
Hello... I am speaking for the last time. The creatures have us pined down in the main coms hub... They where released from there cages by a traitor. He somehow got access to the pins and set explosive charges on all the cages. He than preceded to blow the coms array up and blow a hole through our door to the facility how he blasted through the doors is still unknown. Our base was underground for many reasons but the explosions caused hallway collapses. The creatures have escaped from the facility and will most likely start to reproduce. We can only assume the traitor has a ride off this rock or a ride coming to pick him up. Half my men were on the other side of the facility they got out. But not before I had them pick up some heavy weapons from the now collapsed Armory along with some electronic tracking rockets and thermal goggles. When they find him they are going to blow his ride up and watch it smash into this rock. As for us we are almost out of battery power for the weapons we have with these creatures keep finding various ways in through the rubble that has us trapped here. Funny enough the guy tried to explode the sign we had placed so the resource ships would know where to drop supplies . He missed and blew up the rover he had stole from the base. The only one left after he blew them up. So I guess he's walking now. As soon as they stop getting any information from here they will drop in project number 5227 of course its not ready yet but when it is they will drop it. If only my home world knew I walked on a moon further away than any other landing ever done. But that's what happens wh... POWER LOSS SHUTDOWN STARTED
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Re: HSG corpiration Classified information reveled

Postby Zorgborg242 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:52 pm

Again Crosshair,You didn't really use any other punctuation except a period,so all of the dialog is bunched together and hard for the human brain to understand.
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Re: HSG corpiration Classified information reveled

Postby Gamma949 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 11:15 pm

Not for mine
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