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Xenominer 2.0

Postby BushKillFalls » Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:28 pm

Ok here are the "Ground Rules" for this group Project.

Edited: --> 1-2 and only 1-2 Paragraph per Post if possible and no Consecutive Posts by 1 Player.

The thread Creator gets to Write the Beginning and The End determining when the end is.

After "The End" is stated feel free to make any posts and comments that seem relevant to the topic of writing format.

Anyone can make the next paragraph. You can post multiple Paragraphs as long as there is a post between your posts.

Paragraph 1 by Joe
Paragraph 2 by Tim
Paragraph 3 by Joe
Paragraph 4 by Alex
Paragraph 5 by Joe

Please NO Comments while the Story is Ongoing.
Please no just killing the story or the Admins will have to be asked to remove the post.
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby BushKillFalls » Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:47 pm

I crash Landed on a moon and was instructed by D.A.I.S.E. on my situation. This was to be my first mining mission for the Company and things are already off to a bad start. I wonder if I was the only one to get off that deathtrap of a freightor?

I noticed a Structure off in the distance which seemed to fit the description the briefing we all received about the Xeno Technology scattered throughout the system. There doesn't seem to be any signs of activity there outside of a Robot that was stuck in some kind of actively looping program. This thing must have been running for ages.

D.A.I.S.E. seems to be taking forever to decipher the thing so I have been making some attempts at getting it to work and seem to be getting the hand of it. So much for a billion credit piece of machinery when a lowly Miner can figure out a machine that an A.I. can't. That crash must have taken more of a toll than D.A.I.S.E. realizes or is willing to share.

She instructed me to repair my Crashed Pod for Shelter but after hearing the screams of the apparent native life I think I am going to mine myself a safe place as I am more at home in a mine then that broken feeding cage of a pod. Besides that I can at least keep my mind busy while I work and wait for some form of rescue. I wonder how deep I can go with the basic gear they equipped me with? I have to get that Processing power up if I am going to survive on this place till any form of help arrives.

I sure hope I am not stuck here...
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby janx » Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:06 pm


Running low.

Spent too much time.

Figuring out the bot language.

Just need to gen some more oxygen.

There. That did it. Definitely need to keep any eye on the O2 meter. Might be a good idea to get out of the sun. I don't feel so good and the Rad meter's buzzing pretty good now.

Piling up some crash foam around the holes in the escape pod seemed to do the trick. I've almost got the hang of programming the bot. Next time the sun goes down, I can send the bot out, let it do some work for me during the day.

I've got a few supplies now. Should be able to hide in here until the sun sets. Just need to wait a few days for the Corps to pick up the signal from the black box transponder and I'll be out of here. No big deal. Slight interuption in my plan.

Time to get some sleep. Maybe tonight I can get a NanoRad made and fix some of this bad Rad I got.
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby JohnnyBlood » Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:01 am

Out of all the things out here that can kill me such as suffocation and mutilation, the one thing that scares me the most is peeing. Every time I have to go I need to put on this tube and open a valve with a single thought going through my mind "One wrong move and it's coming off." Why do people never bring this up in those old scify horror movies? I know what your thinking. "Why not just pee in you space suit diaper?" Because I'm gonna be in this thing for a while, that's why! I haven't been drinking much to reduce the amount of times I need to fulfill this activity. I'm gonna go drink ice now...
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby superbeastOR » Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:47 am

Well that little bot has turned out to be a really useful tool. While I am doing other things like exploring, eating, Sleeping, or mining. It will continue doing what I have programed it to do. So far I have figured out that this little bot can mine for me effectively doubling the amount of work that can be done. This is great because I can send it out in the day rest during that time and still manage to get resources to help my situation. Things are starting to get really scary, yesterday I saw something moving out there it was a ways off so I used my telescopic feature on my helmet and got a good look at it. God is it ugly and does it ever look like it means business. It has these front appendages that look like it uses to stab with. So starting tomorrow I will build an underground base to help keep those things away.

It's now been a few days and not only have I managed to upgrade my equipment but I have finished work on that underground base. Oh and I discovered quite by accident that not only can this little bot mine but it can also build. That is how I was able to get this place built so fast. This underground base is not only really secure but it is also really cozy to boot. I have sliding doors that will make it easy to enter and exit with no worry that one of those things can get in. I have even managed to pressurize some of it so I can now sleep a little more comfortably. Side note that crash foam makes for a hell of a bed and pillows. I can even now go to the bathroom without any worry.
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby janx » Sat Aug 17, 2013 2:36 pm

The klaxon going off jolts me awake in my bunk. The ship is shaking and there's smoke in the air. I hear people yelling in the hall.

Carter's feet are dangling in front of me from his bunk above me. He calls down, "Wake up on man, I think we hit something!"

He jumps down and I roll off the bunk to my feet. He's already pulling on his jump suit and tosses mine over to me.

"How bad is it, d'you think?" I ask tiredly.

"It's probably nothing, just an asteroid or something." he drawls back.

"Anderson's gonna be pissed if we don't get to our stations for this fire drill then."

Carter yawns and responds, "Whole damn thing be over by the time we get there."

The ship shudders again, shaking my picture of Anne off the wall. I pick it up and put it in my pocket as we head out into the corridor.

There's a lot of smoke in the air. It's not a drill.

The PA comes on, "Radiation Levels Rising. Abandon Ship! This is Not a Drill!"

Carter and I glance at each other, and both head to the Aft pod bay. It's closest. We remember the drills. The damage is heavier as we race down the corridor. Crash foam strewn in the hall. Cables hanging down from the ceiling.

The ship starts a constant rumble, making it harder to keep our feet, even in the artificial gravity.

We finally get to the pod bay. There's 2 left. Anderson's just sliding into one as we arrive. There's a sudden shake and the floor tilts. Something slams into my head and I black out.

The PA comes on, "Radiation Levels Rising."

I wake up. I remember now. I fell down that hole, about 30 meters up. Must've blacked out. Need to take some NanoMeds and NanoRads or I'm going to be fried.

I'll be OK. Just another day stranded on Xenos. Waiting for a rescue ship that hasn't come. Waiting to get back to the Plan. And Anne.
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby Reikaku » Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:13 pm

D.A.I.S.E. hasn't talked to me in days. I'm not sure if it's a malfunction or if it's a temper tantrum. Thinking back, maybe I shouldn't of been so harsh about not breaking the decryption of the bot's language. On the other hand, "simply push buttons" did the trick quite nicely. Also, not too sure if it's a sign of "good mental health" to rely on having a conversation with an A.I., but then again, I keep recording these data streams, so I'm essentially talking to myself. As long as I don't respond to myself, right? Right. ... Aw crap.

On the agenda today, I'm going to continue mining towards the center of this rock. I need a better power source than waiting for the star to rise every day. I could of sworn the other day that my RAD meter spiked near the mine shaft. Perhaps I'll branch out in that direction and see what could of spiked the meter. Perhaps if it emits radiation I can adjust these solar panels... *tinkers away*
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby Lone Wolf » Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:39 pm

I fixed up the Solar Panels, even started to find more resources, got some Iron, Gold, even some more of that green radiated rock I used to get more power. That was a few days ago.

I got lost in some caves, I don't know how far I've gone, I keep hearing screaching and haven't been able to slee for, what I assume to be a few days... yeah a few days. I'm running down on power and my the level of radiation in my suit is going up quite a bit. Alteast I've been able to find enough ice down hear to breath.

I hear something up ahead, it doesn't aound like the usual screaching, more like footsteps. Hey, hey you! Come back!
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Re: Xenominer 2.0

Postby Californian Rings » Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:45 pm

What where did they go?! I swear I just saw someone, could I be losing my mind? No... Could be just the shadows playing tricks on me. Arrrghhh... my head. Ghhhaaa! What's that ringing noise? Oh god... M...M...My radiation how did it get this high?! I need to get out of here. Which way did I come from again? This can't be happening I can't die... not like this... not before I tell her how I feel. Ok, I just passed some red crystals on the way into the caverns... Wait there it is! I think I can make it. Hhhuuu... hhhuuu... When will this ringing stop I can't take it any more... no. I can't feel... my legs anymore. My batteries are almost dead... oxygen tanks are about the same... lost. How could it be worse?! Wait what's that? No, It can't be... No, It's just my mind playing tricks on me or the radiation... Why deny it. I.. I'm going to die. I'm going to be eaten alive. No one will know what happened to me. My cries lost in the caves of this god forsaken planet.

Why! Why... why... why! Anne I'm sorry!... I wont be coming home. I always said men don't cry. Now I know I was wrong. Everyone cries... I cry. Hold my picture of Anne I manage to muster the strength to drag myself a few a few more feet. But it's useless. Knowing this is the end, with tears rolling down my face and my vision fading. My heartbeat... fading. I grasp my picture knowing. Anne you will be the last thing I will know in my life. Please... Forgive me. As I faid into the cold depth of darkness itself. A voice appears from the darkness.
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