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Fallen Without Sound *green

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Book 1: After the Fall

Author notes- Book 1 is told through audio logs. there is no text explaining the surroundings or actions going on.

[7th Rotation Cycle]

Astronaut: Is this thing on?

Daisy: Confirmed.

Astronaut: Ok, well hello... um.. I'm recording an audio log, mostly for my sanity, I extremely doubt anyone will find me. Maybe an alien will come by and find the noise amusing I don't know... Where should I began? Oh! Names!

Jason Chawk: My name is Jason Chawk, I'm an astronaut, obviously, more specifically I'm a Xenominer. I was an electrician for the Sogni D'volo, a mining ship. We were informed by our company that a planet was in the right conditions for Endurium, so we went to check it out. Unfortunately our navigation's expert forgot to punch in a few numbers and we ended up too close to...fuck, what was the planet called? Some stupid Japanese name. Anyway, the ship was getting sucked in and a gas giant is not a place you want to be...

[no noise detected]

Jason Chawk: ...jeezus, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Daisy: Vital signs normal.

Jason Chawk: No, Daisy, I meant...never mind. So um.. I didn't know what to do. the alarm was going off, the lights were flickering, I just stood there. It was the furthest I ever went from home, almost a light year. The captain, Chloe, I guess she saw that I was panicked and shoved me into a life pod. Her's was the last face I saw since then... While i was in the life pod, watching the ship get pulled in, I noticed what looked like other life pods. But its been five days now and Daisy told me I was unconscious for two, so... I guess only time will tell If I'm out here alone.

[9th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: So my suspicions have been disproved, there actually is Endurium here. I spotted some on an asteroid trapped in the moon's orbit. I guess that means we weren't lied to and sent on a suicide mission. Now I have no one to hate. Oh wait! Chris! He's the idiot who fucked up. I'll hate him.

[13th Rotation Cycle]

[picture taken] Image

Jason Chawk: Gah, fuck!

Daisy: Picture taken.

Jason Chawk: My eyes! Why would they put those buttons next to each other?..... Ok so um...after doing some exploring I found another life pod. No ones here, but it looks like it was messed with not too long ago. The door is leaned up against the entrance with some rocks. I guess I'll wait here until someone comes back.

[15th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: Ok um...I...I found out who was in this life pod, but um.... he was... the suit was... there's something else out here. I found his suit ripped up and I guess Justin got attacked. It couldn't have been an accident, he was torn up in multiple places.

[no noise detected]

Jason Chawk: Fuck! I was already shaky from the space ice and numb arm, but now i need to be paranoid too. Fuck!

[16th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: Fuck fears. I can't afford to be on edge like this. I'm going back to Justin and I'm gonna take his helmet from him. Hopefully I wont come across what ever did that too him...Oh god! What if it isn't an alien? What if someone else went mad? More people can fit in a pod, maybe one of Justin's members went crazy. I'm gonna need to be more careful.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: Ok, I'm back. I didn't come in contact with anything or anyone, so that's good. I got Justin's helmet to see if his com-radio wasn't busted in the crash like mine. I'll record my findings later.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: I found the black box, if I could just figure out how this thing wor- oh button.
Justin's recordings: Hello? Is there anyone out there? This is Justin Weelsie. Hello? Anyone?
(next session)
Justin Wheelsie: Hello? Did anyone survive? Hello?
(next session)
Justin Wheelsie: Hello? I know someones out there! Say something!
(next session)
Justin Wheelsie: There you go again! I heard you! Say something damn it!

Jason Chawk: Who the hell is he talking to? Is he hearing things?

Justin Wheelsie: Hello? Why are you quiet when I talk? I heard you... please... talk to me.
(next session)
Justin Wheelsie: Fuck you! Fuck all of you! How dare you do this to me!
(next session)
Justin Wheelsie: I saw you! I know you'r over there! I'm gonna kick your ass!

Jason Chawk: Is that it? No audio logs? I didn't here anyone else....Who did he see?

[18th rotation cycle]

Jason Chawk: Hello,...recorder...it's been a couple days... Anyway, while i was working on the radio I was thinking to myself, I seem to be doing that a lot these days, what if what happened to Justin could happen to me? I found comfort in my own words, but Justin...he waited for someone else to talk. When I get this radio working I'll be fixated on it. Never wanting to even talk to myself in fear that it could make the slightest noise. I must, I cant survive out here for much longer. I'm running out of rations and my arm feels like its being cut in half now. I can make an insulated area, I can turn ice into oxygen...all I need is food...

[19th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: The decision is made. I'm walking over to Justi- a corps. I'm going to eat a corps. Just bring it over to the pod, feel it with oxygen, and eat. I can finally take the suit off today. I'm actually kind of happy.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: Um...the body's not here. The body was here wasn't it?

Daisy: Confirmed.

Jason Chawk: Then wheres the bod-

Daisy: New life form detected.

[22nd Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: Is it on? Are you there?

Daisy: Audio recorder on-

Jason Chawk: Oh thank God. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you like this. We were starving, I didn't have a choice, this was our only option.
I did this for you, Ellen....oh...

[no noise detected]

*sigh* I miss you, Ellen.

[23rd Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: ok so um...yesterday I had some mental issues, but that's ok now, I have the recorder working and its time to report my condition.
I found what killed Justin. It ripped a whole In my suit near the right arm....now I cant use it. I used an emergency compressor that crushed my arm. But hey, I'm still alive...and left handed now...I didn't get the radio working yet, I was too busy trying to fix you,...the recorder, with my left hand. I'm going to continue working on it, and hope it keeps me from thinking about other things.

[24th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: Its been 2 days without rations. I have the area insulated, I can feel it with oxygen at any time. I'm going back for food, but this time I'm not a scavenger, I'm a hunter.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: These things arn't so tough when your stabbing them with a metal pipe. Well...my kindergarten teacher always taught me to try new things. If I don't continue recording, I probably died eating this thing. I cant even make a fire here.

[25th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: I think there was some chemicals in that creature. I felt sick today and went outside to get some fresh air...well you know what I mean. I think there were some hallucinogenic properties in the alien. I blacked out earlier and now I see a bunch of glowing rocks everywhere. Daisy, is this really happening?

Daisy: Determining question... Perception matches surroundings.

Jason Chawk: What? These rocks are real? Uh...these rocks are real everyone. I'll get a closer look. They look like diamonds or crystals. Some glow green, others glow purple....Oh shit... I'm lost!

[26th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: So yeah, I'm fucked. I'm stuck in a cave to avoid radiation from the sun. I really hope nothing is down here with me.
While I'm down here I should probably look for resources.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: I found some more glowing rocks. this time they're blue, and some red. I also noticed what appears to be copper. My mining tool doesn't have power, but it looks loose. I think I can break it off manually. I'll report the result afterwards.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: Good news. I was able to yank it off the walls and I put it in my M.U.L.E. Daisy, what's the status?

Daisy: M.U.L.E. contains 153.6 grams of copper. M.U.L.E. contains 227.8 grams of rock.

Jason Chawk: Any recommendations?

Daisy: Recommendation: Charge the P.I.C.K.'s battery with 153.6 grams of copper.

Jason Chawk: How much power would that give me?

Daisy: 153.6 grams of copper would supply 18% of power to your P.I.C.K.'s battery.

Jason Chawk: It's better than nothing.

[27th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: Things are looking up. I got plenty of power from that cave, and I found a familiar looking asteroid. My life pod shouldn't be too far.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: Well this gives me...nostalgia. It's been a while since I've been here... What the hell! Was someone here?!
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: Someone stole what was left of the rations. I hope they didn't find Justin's pod. I hope they didn't find the radio.

[28th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: *pant* Good news. *pant* The radio's safe...and the alien's still here... The radio's almost done, I can fix it today.
[end recording]

[start recording]
Jason Chawk: I finished it. Now to test this baby out. Alert. Alert. This is Jason Chawk of the Sogni D'volo. I am stranded in space on...Shit! Talk to my company, Spacercatori. They should know wher-

Anonymous: Hello? Can you here me?

Jason Chawk: The fuck? Hello, yeah I can hear you.

Anonymous: Oh thank God. Finally someone we can talk to.

Jason Chawk: I take it you're stranded too?

Anonymous: Yeah. My names Alex.

Jason Chawk: Are you alone too?

Alex: No, there was someone else. He went off to find another survivor, but he hasn't answered back.

Jason Chawk: Where are you? Are you safe?

Alex: I'm fine. I don't know where I am.

Jason Chawk: Is the sun out where you are.

Alex: No.

Jason Chawk: That narrows it down a little bit. At least we're on the same side of the moon. I'm gonna find you.

Alex: How?

Jason Chawk: Um....sing a song for me.

Alex: What? Why?

Jason Chawk: My radio is sensitive to direction. You'll see.

Alex: Ok...uh...Ano~~~ar~~~has~~~~~~~ without sound. Anoth~~~~ark~~~~~~urned out in the cold.

Jason Chawk: Ok, ok, stop singing.

Alex: Rude.

Jason Chawk: I have a vague sense of your direction now. The only question is how far...

[29th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: So um...you said there was someone else?

Alex: Yes...

Jason Chawk: What happened?

Alex: He left to go find someone.

Jason Chawk: What happened?

Alex: He stopped talking.

Jason Chawk: ...Um...

Alex: When will you get here?

Jason Chawk: I don't know I-

Alex: Hello?!

Jason Chawk: I'm still here.

Alex: Oh thank God.

Jason Chawk: I thought I heard something...You were really worried...

Alex: I don't like being alone.

Jason Chawk: At least your radio works.

Alex: Yours works too.

Jason Chawk: No it doesn't. I made a radio with someone else's helmet. That's why it was more sensitive to direction instead of just looking for another helmet to make contact with.

Alex: Radio waves work that way?

Jason Chawk: Not exactly. I think the company had it set that way for security keep anyone from over hearing.

Alex: That's not shady at all.

Jason Chawk: Ever heard of espionage? This technology is common in private companies.

Alex: How do you know all this stuff?

Jason Chawk: I'm an electrician.

Alex: That sounds like more than an electrician should know.

Jason Chawk: You'd be surprised by the amount of stuff I had to learn before I could get my license.
[end session]
Alex: Wait...did you say you took someone else's helmet?

Jason Chawk: He was already dead.

Alex: How'd he die?

Jason Chawk: Oh...um...your gonna think I'm crazy, but...an alien killed him.

Alex: What?!

Jason Chawk: Calm down.

Alex: I knew something was up when Lyle gave me a gun. How could he leave me her-

Jason Chawk: Wait. Someone had a gun?

Alex: Yeah...

Jason Chawk: I thought we couldn't bring guns.

Alex: I don't know, I never asked.

Jason Chawk: So...you have a gun?

Alex: Yeah. Does that make me the leader?

Jason Chawk: Are you a good shot?

Alex: I never used it yet.

Jason Chawk: Then no, I'm the leader.

Alex: Aaw...

[30th Rotation Cycle]

Jason Chawk: Alex?

Alex: Huh? What? I'm awake.

Jason Chawk: You were asleep?

Alex: Yeah...?

Jason Chawk: I'm walking through the long days- well actually they're pretty short now that I think about it, but still. I'm walking day after day and you were asleep?

Alex: I was tired.

Jason Chawk: I thought you would be more excited about the fact that I found you.

Alex: What?!

Jason Chawk: You'r life pod is the one with a bunch of trash in front of it right?

Book 2: Ship of Secrets

Author notes- Book 2 is told primarily through dialogue with small amounts of text explaining simple actions and colored text telling thoughts.

[30th Rotation Cycle]

She opens the door
Alex Pauldren: Holy crap... you're here.

Jason Chawk: In the flesh.

Alex Pauldren: Your arm.

Jason Chawk: Oh...
"She noticed"
Jason Chawk: My suit was ripped and I had to put this thing on.

Alex Pauldren: Does it hurt?

Jason Chawk: No...well just the top part. The other part doesn't have any nerves left.

Alex Pauldren: So its broken too?

"What does she mean 'too'?"
Jason Chawk: Too?

Alex Pauldren: My leg's broken.

Jason Chawk: What?! Why are you standing up? Sit down.

Alex Pauldren: I'm fine.

Jason Chawk: My arm is pretty much cut in half. You still have a chance with that leg. Now get inside and sit down.

She sits down

Jason Chawk: Alright where does it hurt? Here?

Alex Pauldren: Oh gawd that hurts!

Jason Chawk: Oh yeah, your fine alright.
"She's Been walking on this too much"
Jason Chawk: I'm gonna make a splint.

Alex Pauldren: How?

Jason Chawk: With-
I pull off some metal panels and yank out some wires
Jason Chawk: -this.

I sandwich her legs with the panels
Alex Pauldren: Ow ow ow.
I tie them together with the wire

Jason Chawk: There you go.

Alex Pauldren: How will that fix it?

Jason Chawk: It won't fix it. It will just keep you from making it worse.

Some time has passed
"I'm tired from the trip"
I lay down

Alex Pauldren: What are you doing?

Jason Chawk: I'm tired. I'm gonna go to sleep.

Alex Pauldren: Oh...

She lays down close to me
"Is she hitting on me?"
Jason Chawk: What are you doing?

Alex Pauldren: I'm going to sleep too.

Jason Chawk: Right next to me?

Alex Pauldren: There isn't much room in here.

"There's plenty of room"
Jason Chawk: Fine...

[31st Rotation Cycle]

Jason's Radio: This~~~th~~~Stella~~~ente~~~~going dow~~~

I wake up
Jason Chawk: What the hell?
Alex is still asleep
Jason Chawk: Alex, wake up.

Alex Pauldren: Mmmm what is it?

Jason's Radio: Thi~~~the~~~ella Cadent~~~~~ing down~~~

Jason Chawk: My radio's acting up.
"Was that the name of a ship?"

Alex Pauldren: I thought we were the only one's left.

Jason Chawk: I think it's another ship.
I hear roaring outside

Alex Pauldren: Do you hear that?

Jason Chawk: Yeah.
I get up and open the door
Jason Chawk: Holy shit...
There's a giant ship crashing into the moon.

Alex Pauldren: What is it?

"Our only chance off this rock"
Jason Chawk: I think our rescue just crash landed on the moon.

Alex Pauldren: What?!
She crawls over to the door
Alex Pauldren: Oh my gawd. It's sort of beautiful.

Jason Chawk: What?

Alex Pauldren: The fire, I mean...

Jason Chawk: We need to go check it out. I'm sure someone's still alive.

Some time has passed as we walk towards the crashed shuttle.

Alex Pauldren: So um... Why do you have that pipe?

Jason Chawk: Just in case we run in to any of those aliens.

Alex Pauldren: How likely would that be?

Jason Chawk: I've only seen two while I was here, so not that likely.

Alex Pauldren: Good.

Jason Chawk: You have a gun. You shouldn't be worried.

Alex Pauldren: I know, I just don't want to be put on the spot when I need to use it.

Jason Chawk: Don't worry, I don't expect anything from you.

Alex Pauldren: Whats that suppose to mean?!

"Shit, that came out wrong"
Jason Chawk: Nothing. I just don't want you to feel obligated.

Alex Pauldren: ...I'm sorry.

Jason Chawk: For?

Alex Pauldren: For being useless.

Jason Chawk: You'r not useless. You just haven't had your time to shine is all.

Alex Pauldren: I was a cook for the ship. You'r an electrician.

Jason Chawk: Well um...Tell you what. When we get to the ship, I'll let you cook up a nice meal and then you can prove how great you are.
"That sounded sexist"

Alex Pauldren: Really?

Jason Chawk: Sure.

Alex Pauldren: Ok.
She seems happy

"Well that response was better than I was expecting"
I notice the sun is rising

Jason Chawk: We should probably look for shelter.

Alex Pauldren: Where?

Jason Chawk: There's a cave over there.

We head into the cave

Alex Pauldren: Woah...
She notices the red crystals

Jason Chawk: You haven't seen them yet?

Alex Pauldren: I never traveled away from the life pod.

Jason Chawk: Well there's more where that came from, I'll show you.
We travel further down the cave and find blue crystals

Alex Pauldren: Lyle told me about these. I just shrugged it off like it was no big deal, but this. This is beautiful.

Jason Chawk: It's difficult to explain in words, isn't i- ah
One of those creatures caught me off guard

Alex Pauldren: Jason!

I struggle with the creature on top of me. I try my best to keep it from tearing my suit.
Jason Chawk: Get it off me.

Alex Pauldren: Uh...um...uh hold still!

I manage to shove it off me. As I prepare for it to lunge at me, It is greeted with shards of plasma.
"Was that Alex?"

Alex Pauldren: Is it dead?
The barrel of her gun was glowing with heat

Jason Chawk: Thanks.

The creature shrieked at me

Alex Pauldren: Ah!
She shot it three more times

Jason Chawk: I guess this cave isn't as safe as I thought.

[32nd Rotation Cycle]

After waiting a while we travel back to the surface
Jason Chawk: Ok, the sun is going down. It should be safe to move.

Alex Pauldren: How long do you think it will take to get the shuttle?

Jason Chawk: A few hours maybe.

We walk towards the shuttle
Jason's Radio: Th~~~is~~~Stella~~~ente~~~~stay~~way~~~

Alex Pauldren: What did they say?

Jason Chawk: I don't know, it was too fuzzy to make out.

Alex Pauldren: It sounded like they said "stay away"

Jason Chawk: They crashed. I'm sure they're just telling crew members to avoid burning engines.

Alex Pauldren: I think they were talking to us.

Jason Chawk: They're the rescue, they are looking for us. And they could be talking to anyone, my radio can pick up they're frequencies.

Alex Pauldren: I guess...

After a while, we finally get a good look at the crash site.

Alex Pauldren: It's...everywhere.

"I don't see anyone"
Jason Chawk: Let's look for the entrance.

Alex Pauldren: There's a way in.
She points at a tear in the frame work

Jason Chawk: That'l do.
We make our way through the metal scraps and into a corridor.

Alex Pauldren: It's so dark.

Jason Chawk: Come on, let's look for an area that isn't breached.

As we walk around the corridor we notice a corps
Alex Pauldren: Ahhh!

Jason Chawk: Calm down. He must have died from impact.

Alex Pauldren: But...ok...

We move forward and come across a door, when we open it a force of pressure starts pushing us back. We grab on the sides and pull ourselves in, then shut the door.

Alex Pauldre: There's oxygen in here.

Jason Chawk: Pressure doesn't mean oxygen.

Alex Pauldren: But that plant's alive.
She points at a potted plant

Jason Chawk: I'd still be weary to take off your helmet just yet.

Alex Pauldren: So why do you think they crashed?

Jason Chawk: I don't know. A few bad numbers could screw you over. You saw what happened to us.

Alex Pauldren: Actually I didn't. I was going to see someone and then alarms started going off. I don't even remember how I ended up in the life pod. I just woke up with a man standing over me, offering rations.

Jason Chawk: Oh...
I open another door
Jason Chawk: I guess tha-
A hand falls through the cracks of the door

Alex Pauldren: Aah!

Jason Chawk: Woah!
It's attached to a corps of a man on the other side

"His eyes"
Jason Chawk: His eyes are torn out.

Alex Pauldren: The other man had holes in him too. I was going to say something, but I thought it might just be piercings from debris.

Jason's Radio: Thi~is~~~Stella Cadente ple~~stay away~~~

Alex Pauldren: Who do you think did this?

Jason Chawk: I don't know, but I'm not gonna let some psycho get in the way of our only chance out of here.

Alex Pauldren: How are we gonna do that? It's crashed.

Jason Chawk: We find who ever's on the radio, and see what happens from there.

We continue to walk down the dark hall ways

Jason Chawk: Daisy, can you detect any near by life forms.

Daisy: There is too much heat coming from the engines and hot wires.

Jason Chawk: Shit, I think we're gonna need to-

The floor collapses under Alex
Alex Pauldren: Ahhh!

Jason Chawk: Are you ok?

Alex Pauldren: My leg really hurts.

Jason Chawk: Take my hand.
She grabs my hand, but I can't lift her up
"Wish I still had my right arm"
Jason Chawk: It's no good. I cant lift you with just one arm.

Alex Pauldren: What are you going to do?

"We need to cover more ground"
Jason Chawk:...You know what? Stay down there.

Alex Pauldren: What!

Jason Chawk: We don't know where anyone is. We need to split up.

Alex Pauldren: ..Ok...

We go our separate ways

Daisy: Your right arm is injured.

Jason Chawk: You just now figured this out?

Daisy: May I suggest a location.

Jason Chawk: What do you mean?

Daisy: Take a right.

I look to my right and see a door with words on it
"Med Bay"
Jason Chawk: Oh.

I open the door and I'm greated by a voice
Anonymous: You are critically injured.

Jason Chawk: Who said that?

I see a robot arm with surgical tools attached to it
Docs: I am a Device Obligated in Careful Surgery, you may call me D.O.C.S

Jason Chawk: Um...hello?

Docs: Please take off any garments you wish to keep intact and lay on the operating table.

Jason Chawk: Ok...
I take off my space suit and lay down on the table.

Docs: Remain calm as the doctor provides anesthetics.

Jason Chawk: Wait, what doctor?
metal cuffs bind my hands and legs
Jason Chawk: There isn't any doctor!

Docs: Very good. The surgery will began now.
It starts to rotate a bone saw

Jason Chawk: Wait! Wait!
"Oh shit!"
The saw starts ripping through the flesh of my right forearm just above where I compressed it
Jason Chawk: Oh gawd. Aaaaaaaaaaaah
Blood sprays across the room
Jason Chawk: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
I collapse, I dream

"No not just yet. You can open your presents after you blow out your candles."
"Happy birthday, Natalie"

I wake up
"This isn't the same room"

Anonymous: Good morning sleepy head.
There's a woman in the room
Anonymous: You must have had some dream to smile after getting your arm cut off.

Jason Chawk: Who are you?

Officer Arcie: Where are my manners? I'm Officer Arcie. And you?

Jason Chawk: I'm Jason...What happened here?

Officer Arcie: You don't know by now? Wait your the people we came to "rescue" aren't you?

Jason Chawk: Why did you say it like that?

Officer Arcie: We don't expect you to be alive. We just come by to collect the uh...remains.

Jason Chawk: So uh...Why did you crash?

Officer Arcie: I don't know how but, these little creatures started multiplying. They have scalpels for legs. They're real dangerous in a group.

Jason Chawk: What?! Oh shit!

Officer Arcie: Don't worry kid, you got me around. I saved your ass once already.

Jason Chawk: No it's not that. I left someone alone in this ship, we need to find her.

Officer Arcie: She's probably dead by now. This is the only section of the ship that's safe. That and where ever that guy was on your radio is.

"My radio"
Jason Chawk: Where's my radio? I can contact her.

Officer Arcie: I left it in the Med Bay. Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry a gun in one hand and a person in the other?

Jason Chawk: I out of all people should know what its like to carry with one hand.

Officer Arcie: Not anymore.

Jason Chawk: What do you...
I look down at my right arm
"I'm a cyborg"

Officer Arcie: So...you wanna arm wrestle?

Jason Chawk: I'm going to get Alex. Are you coming with me or not?

Officer Arcie: I got my own places to go, I don't have time to help you save your girlfriend.

Jason Chawk:...Well...good luck

Officer Arcie: You too, lover boy.

I leave and go searching for the hole I left Alex in

"This corridor looks familiar, the med bay should be just around the corner"
Jason Chawk: Found it.

Jason's Radio: This is the Stella Cadente please~~stay away~~~

"That's weird, that last line sounded like someone else edited it in. Is that a recording?"
I grab my radio and continue tracing my steps back to Alex
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

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Book 3: What it Takes

Author notes- Book 3 is told through narrative and sections of dialogue.

Act I

I can feel my heart beating *Bump bump, Bump bump* I can feel myself moving, being dragged across the metal floor. I hear voices echoing in my skull.

British accent: This guy needs to lay off the cheese burgers.

Russian accent: He's been living off rations and god knows what else. You're just being a wuss.

Then there is silence.

I wake up with an unbearable pain.
Jason Chawk: GAAH.
I clench at my right arm

Russian accent: Oh shit he's awake.
A man runs up to me and injects a needle into my right arm.
Russian accent: There, that should deal with the pain.

Jason Chawk: What did you do to me.
I can't move, I can't talk.

Russian accent: Calm down. I know being tranquilized is kind of scary, what with you not being able to move and all, but it'll wear off in about half an hour. I recommend you get some sleep while you wait. But don't worry you'll still be numb for about 2 more hours, so that arm of yours won't cause you any grief.

The man walks away and out of the room. I get a good look at my surroundings. I'm on a bed, there's a dresser next to me, and it's very bright in here. Have I been rescued? Have I finally been saved? I try to go to sleep, but I can't do it. How am I suppose to after everything that's happened to me? I'll just lay down and stare at the ceiling until I can move.

After a while I could start moving, though I still couldn't feel anything. When I tried getting up I immediately fell on the floor. Thank goodness no one was here to see that. Using all my strength I lift myself off the floor and walk out the room.

I walk down the hallway and I swear I hear a little kid talking. I can't quite make out what he's saying.
I enter a room. It looks like a breakfast nook. The man who tranquilized me earlier is sitting down listening to a recording.

Jason Chawk: Is that a Digigram?

Russian accent: Oh uh yeah.
He puts the Digigram away.
Russian accent: Has it been 30 minutes already. Time flies when your watching home videos. So um how's the numbing? I see you can walk.

Jason Chawk: It feels like I'm standing with noodles.

Russian accent: Here take a seat.
He points at a chair.
Russian accent: You probably have a lot to talk about. Anything you want to say?

Jason Chawk: I'm hungry.

Russian accent: Oh oh yeah yeah, I'll uh... I'll make you some soup. Shouldn't eat any hard foods while your face is still numb.

Jason Chawk: Thanks.

Artemis: I'm Artemis by the way.

Jason Chawk: I'm Jason.

Artemis: So, Jason, whats with the arm? What, do you just enjoy having robots chop your arm off?

Jason Chawk: I didn't know it was gonna do that.

Artemis: D.O.C.S. don't work like that AI friend of yours, they just perform the operation when the injury calls for it. They don't know when-

Jason Chawk: -Wait. Where's Daisy?

Artemis: The AI? I don't know. I think Philip has it, don't worry. Calm down, enjoy your soup.
Artemis sets a bowl of soup in front of me.

Jason Chawk: What is this? Chicken noodle?

Artemis: Kind of...except without the chicken...or the noodle.

Jason Chawk: So how long until we get home?
I drink the soup.

Artemis: I don't know, when ever rescue gets here I guess.

I stop eating.
Jason Chawk: I- I thought you were the rescue. I thought we were going home.

Artemis: No, we're stuck here just like you were. We're just trying to wait it out now.

Jason Chawk: Wait. So, we're still on the crashed ship?
The door to the right of the room opens.

Officer Arcie: Hello everbodyz, I'm back with the goods.

Artemis: Yeah, the Stella Cadente

Jason Chawk: But what about the- the things?
I pointed at Arcie
Jason Chawk: You said that there were spider things with scalpels or something

Officer Arcie: Oh you mean the uh... Arty what did you call them?

Artemis: Seductors.

Jason Chawk: "Seductors"?

Officer Arcie: Yeah we found out that they hate the smell of these things.
Arcie holds up a carcass of one of those aliens from before.
Officer Arcie: What do you call them Artemis? Vinny something?

Artemis: Venators. If you new Latin you would probably remember these names.

Officer Arcie: I ain't no sciencey biologist I don't need to kno-

Jason Chawk: -Wait wait wait. What do you mean they don't like the smell?

Officer Arcie: We found you on the floor next to one of these things with a pipe in its head, and those... Seductors? They didn't want to go near it. Ever since then we've been coating parts of the ship with its blood.

Jason Chawk: So...they're not an issue anymore?

Artemis: Oh no, they're still and issue. They keep crawling into things and breaking wires. We think they're the reason that damn emergency broadcast signal finally went off.

That's right! I came here to look for who ever was broadcasting that... with Alex!

Jason Chawk: Where's Alex?

Artemis: Who?

Officer Arcie: His girlfriend. He was all worried about her last time we met.

Artemis: Oh...Jason, you were the only one we could find. We think your friend might have walked into unreachable areas...

I sat there for a while with nothing to say. I didn't cry over her, I barely new her, but she went through just as much as I have and I felt like I might as well have died too. Wait. She shot me! She's the reason I was out.

Jason Chawk: How long was I out?

Artemis: About a day. I expected you to be out longer, but I guess that new arm of your's woke you up. You didn't seem to notice the wound near your shoulder.

I pulled down my collar to get a look at the shot near my shoulder. It was burned and swollen, It looked like a big bruise around it.

Arcie's walkie-talkie: Um..guys?

Officer Arcie: What up Philip?

Philip: Kind of in a jam right now. Those "Venators" are crawling all over the cafeteria and I'm out of batteries.

Officer Arcie: Don't worry I'm coming to save the day.

Jason Chawk: I'm coming too.

Artemis: You can't go. You're still numb.

Jason Chawk: You said my AI's with him right?

Artemis: Yeah but-

Jason Chawk: Then I'm going.

Officer Arcie: Told you this guy's got balls. C'mon let's go.

I could barely get up, but I managed to hide any struggle till we got out of the living quarters. After that I started to show signs of the effects, Arcie didn't seem to care. I saw on the floor there were drops of blood, from the "Venators."

Jason Chawk: You weren't kidding about covering the ship in that stuff.

Officer Arcie: Well you can't be too careful. At least it doesn't smell that bad, kind of like vinegar, but not as strong.

Jason Chawk: So where're we heading to?

Officer Arcie: The cafeteria, but first we need to get some things.
She opens a door to the right.
Officer Arcie: Most of the ship is breached and we're gonna need some EVA suits to travel, unless you want to explode.

Jason Chawk: Space doesn't work that way. The pressure just get's sucked out of you, it doesn't cause you to break apart.

Officer Arcie: Really? Darn it, that's not nearly as cool.
We walk up to a closet with EVA suits. One of them is my old one, but patched up.
Officer Arcie: Here you go. We saved your's and put it away after we...cleaned it out.

I was embarrassed.
Jason Chawk: I tried to clean it out when ever I could, ok.

Officer Arcie: Hey, if I could shit in my pants I would, but it ain't lady lake and I got to look pretty in today's society.

We put on our suits. Arcie's looked more appropriate for rough encounters.
Jason Chawk: Do you have a spare gun?

Officer Arcie: Sorry, hun, we don't have access to the armory. I got this thing though.
She hands me some what looks like a gauntlet with wires around it.

Jason Chawk: What is this?

Officer Arcie: It's a stun glove. I never tested it on these things and I hope you don't have to ether, but just in case.

I slip it over my suit onto my left hand. Being numb made it difficult to get all the fingers into the right spot.

Jason Chawk: Do you have any blades? I want to give my new arm something to do.

Officer Arcie: Here.
She gives me a pocket knife.
Officer Arcie: It's the only thing I have on me.

Jason Chawk: It'll do.

We walk out of the room and into the corridor. We head to the cafeteria to get Philip.

Act II

Philip on Arcie's radio: Hey, guys, what's taking so long? I made a little barricade, but they're doing a good job at fucking it up!

Officer Arcie: We're on our way.
She faces me.
Officer Arcie: C'mon, we need to high tail it.

I try to keep up with her, but I fall over. I forgot that I'm still numb.
Officer Arcie: What? Do you need me to carry you? Get up.

Arcie lifts me up and then runs off. I couldn't keep up, but she didn't seem to care. I guess I'm gonna have to get there at my own pace.

Jason Chawk: Arcie? Arcie?!
I think she's too far to hear me. I shuffle my way down the corridor alone, trying to figure out the paths that she took, the doors she went through. I notice the smell of ..."venator?"...the creature's blood fading, I guess I'm just getting use to the smell.

Jason Chawk: Arcie?! Really? You just leave me out here?
I turn a corner and see a small creature crawling on the wall. I now know why I haven't been smelling the blood.

Creature: *click click click*

There isn't any.

I quickly turn around and rush back through familiar corridors, my crippling numbness seems to have worn off. As I make my way through this maze of a ship I notice more and more "Seductors" coming out of hiding, starting a horde behind me. I run into an isolated room and shut the door.

Jason Chawk: Oh fuck! I didn't think this through. How am I gonna get out of here?

From behind: It doesn't feel good to be helpless, does it?

I turn around and see...Alex?!

Jason Chawk: Alex?! Holy shit, your alive!

Alex Pauldren: Hello, Jason.

Jason Chawk: I thought you were dead.

Alex Pauldren: I might as well be...

Jason Chawk: What? No. Why would you even think that?

I take a seat next to her. We appear to be in a lounge.

Alex Pauldren: I just feel so useless. Ever sense this whole thing started all I've done was complain and cry.

Jason Chawk: Your not useless.

Alex PAuldren: How's that?

I sit there and think for a few seconds. I remember a time when she shot a Venator off me.

Jason Chawk: If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be alive.

Alex looks down at her leg. It still has the splint on it.

Alex Pauldren: If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have died here.

Jason Chawk: What?

Alex Pauldren: Quick, give him some oxygen!

I wake up on the couch I was sitting on. I see Arcie and Philip struggling to replace my oxygen tanks.

Jason Chawk: Wha- What's going on?

Philip: We found you here sleeping like a baby.

Officer Arcie: You must have fainted from lack of oxygen. Don't worry, we got it all fixed though.

Jason Chawk: How did you find me?

Philip: You'r AI friend told us where to look. Apparently she put some tracking code in your suit. Kind of scary really.

Officer Arcie: I think it's awesome. I wish people would stalk me like that, but no, I have to do all the work.

Jason Chawk: Um.... Can I have Daisy back now?

Philip: What? The Ai? Damn now I regret finding you alive.

Philip pulls Daisy's chip out of his helmet.

Philip: What ever, take it. She kinda scares me anyway.

I put Daisy back into my suit.

Daisy: Greetings, Jason. Would you like me to go over the user interface?

Jason Chawk: No thanks, I'm good.

Philip: Well, the gangs all here. Now let's get the hell back to Artemis, I'm starving.

We make our way back to the living quarters. I notice a lot of dead "Seductors" around.

Jason Chawk: So... how hard is it to kill these things?

Officer Arcie: It's pretty easy actually.

Philip: Yeah if you can manage to hit the damn things. They are jumpy mother fuckers.

Some time has passed. I didn't realize how far I ran from where I should have gone.

Philip: Hey I never caught your name.

Jason Chawk: It's Jason.

Philip: I'm-

Jason Chawk: Philip. I know.

Philip: ...Jones...

Phillip...Jones doesn't seem to like me.

Officer Arcie: So how's that arm, champ?

Jason Chawk: It feels bruised around the area its connected.

We finally get to the living quarters and start taking off our suits. I still haven't gotten use to the smell.

Philip Jones: Aw man. I can't wait for some food. I wonder what Artemis has been up to while we were gone. Hopefully making supper.

We open the door to Artemis's room and find him sitting down messing with my P.I.C.K.

Jason Chawk: My P.I.C.K.!

Philip Jones: Damnit.... You didn't make food.

Jason Chawk: What are you doing with my P.I.C.K.?

Artemis: Oh... I'm sorry. I guess this is technically yours isn't it?

Jason Chawk: I didn't know you still had it.

Artemis: Well yeah, I figured it would be useful for getting around the ship, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Jason Chawk: It doesn't work unless it's hooked up to a M.U.L.E.

Artemis: A "M.U.L.E."?

Jason Chawk: It would have been on my back when you found me. It doesn't matter anyway the walls on this ship are too dense. I tried to make an opening when I got to the ship, but it wouldn't work and we had to find a way in.

Philip Jones: Ok, enough talk about sciencey mumbo jumbo. Make me some food.

After eating a small portion of food, Artemis seemed very conservative, we started talking about what we did before all of this.

Philip Jones: So, Arty, were you like a cook before all of this? I don't actually know what you did here.

Artemis: I was the ship's psychiatrist. I guess they figured they would need one if their going to have crew members in space for this long.

Jason Chawk: You majored in psychology?

Artemis: Well, no, I majored in biology, but I took some classes of psychology.

Jason Chawk: Why not just hire a psychologist?

Artemis: I don't know. I needed the money and I wasn't going to sale myself short with those kind of questions.

Officer Arcie: So, Jason, what was your job?

Jason Chawk: I was an electrician. I just kept stuff running, nothing special.

Philip Jones: Wow, and you managed to survive for this long.

I think Philip insulted me, but I didn't want to start anything and just ignored it.

Artemis: How was it out there?

Jason Chawk: ...Cold.

Officer Arcie: ...

Artemis: ...

Philip Jones: Welp, before you start asking me stupid questions, I think I'm gonna turn in for the...night? ...Day? ...Whatever I'm tired.

Philip left the room.

Jason Chawk: Why is he like that?

Officer Arcie: He's been through a lot.

Artemis: We've all been through a lot. Why does he get to be a prick?

Officer Arcie: Just give it time. He's not so bad once you get to know him.

Artemis: I'm beginning to regret knowing him at all.

In order to avoid an argument I change the subject.

Officer Arcie: Well it's not like-

Jason Chawk: Hey, um, when do you expect rescue to arrive?

Officer Arcie: Mhhuhm

Artemis: It took us maybe a month to get here. So I guess we'll be waiting here for a while.

Jason Chawk: At least we're comfortable.

Officer Arcie: What do you mean? These chairs suck.

Jason Chawk: I mean we don't have to survive in the elements like I did.

Artemis: Um...yeah... about that... We are running on a generator. I expect it to go out within a week. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Officer Arcie: So, Jason, where you from?

Jason Chawk: I'm from Zemit City.

Artemis: You're a Martian? Cool, me too. I'm from Crawslaw. I guess you could tell with the accent.

Officer Arcie: Wow, you guys are from fancy places. I'm just from Jefferson.

Jason Chawk: I wouldn't call Zemit fancy, but yeah I guess it's famous.

Artemis: Where you born there? I was born in Belarus and eventually moved there as a kid. My dad had a job that required a lot of moving.

Officer Arcie: *yawn*

Jason Chawk: *yawn*

Artemis: Oh, so my story is boring you no- no- *yawn* Damn it, it's contagious.

Officer Arcie: We're just tired dude.

Jason Chawk: I guess we should get some sleep.... Where do I stay?

Officer Arcie: Oooh oooh sleep over.

Artemis: I already decided he was bunking with me in case his arm starts acting up again.

Officer Arcie: Awww fine. G'night.

Arcie leaves the room.

Artemis: So uh... you get the bottom bunk...

Jason Chawk: Wait. Before we go to sleep I wanted to talk to you about something.

Artemis: What?

Jason Chawk: You said you were a psychologist right?

Artemis: Psychiatrist, but yeah.

Jason Chawk: What does it mean to have hallucinations?

Artemis: What?!

Jason Chawk: Well I know it sounds weird, that's why I'm asking what the-

Artemis: Take off your clothes.

Jason Chawk: What? No.

Artemis: This is serious. Hallucinations is a symptom that those Seductors got you.

Jason Chawk: What?!

Artemis: Do you really think those things got everyone? Most of the crew died from other crew members who experience hallucinations. If your infected I need to know.

Jason Chawk: Ok, fine.

I take off most of my cloths. Artemis looks around for any wounds.

Jason Chawk: Do you see anything?

Artemis: Well unless it crawled up....never mind I guess you're fine.

Jason Chawk: I'm never gonna ask you for therapy again.

Artemis: Oh right...the therapy. Well um, there are plenty of things that could cause hallucinations in such an environment. The day and night cycle here could have caused you to loose sleep and you might have had a very vivid dream while technically being awake.

I start to put my cloths back on.
Jason Chawk: I think I might have been asleep actually. It's just it felt so real, I didn't remember falling asleep.

Artemis: That's common. It's called "Hypnocognig"...or something. I don't know. Like I said, I majored in Biology.

Jason Chawk: Well I'm glad I'm not going crazy.

Artemis: We should probably get some sleep now, especially if your having problems.

We get in our bunks and go to sleep.

I finally made it back home.

Ellen Chawk: Welcome back sweetie. I'm so glad your alright.

Jason Chawk: I'm glad I'm alright too.

We kiss. I'm happy to be back home.
A little girl walks into the room

Natalie Chawk: Daddy, your home!

Jason Chawk: Hey there princess.
Natalie hugs me.
Jason Chawk: When did you get out of the hospital?

Natalie Chawk: A long time ago, Daddy

Jason Chawk: I kept having dreams about you getting out, but I'm glad this time it's real.
I started crying

Natalie Chawk: Why are you crying, Dad?

Jason Chawk: I was so afraid of losing you. I'm so happy your alive.

Ellen Chawk: Ok, sweetie, that's enough. You need to let her rest.

Jason Chawk: But I just got here.

Ellen Chawk: You have to get up Jason.

Artemis: Jason!

I wake up.

Artemis: Jason, the powers out! I knew it was gonna go out before help arrives, but this is much earlier then expected. I need you to check what the problem is.

Jason Chawk: Huh?

Artemis: I believe those damn seductors cause the wiring to get loose. You can fix that right?

Jason Chawk:...yeah...

Artemis: Okay, good. Put your cloths on. I'll get Arcie.
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby Zorgborg242 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:42 pm

JohnnyBlood wrote:I wounder who actually read the whole thing. I look at this and think "too long, did not read"
And you are correct sir...Waaayyy To long..
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby JohnnyBlood » Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:19 pm

Zorgborg242 wrote:And you are correct sir...Waaayyy To long..

hmmm well comic books last a while....but I'm not a good artist....
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby Xavius » Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:43 am

I read it all, its pretty dam good yet.. Now make the rest asap, i wanna fucking know what happened to Alex... Hopefully shes still alive and not a corpse... ARGGGG imma go genocide a Venator's colony while i wait..
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby JohnnyBlood » Fri Nov 15, 2013 10:07 am

Xavius wrote:I read it all, its pretty dam good yet.. Now make the rest asap, i wanna fucking know what happened to Alex... Hopefully shes still alive and not a corpse... ARGGGG imma go genocide a Venator's colony while i wait..

Is Alex your favorite character?
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby Lone Wolf » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:44 am

JohnnyBlood wrote:I wounder who actually read the whole thing. I look at this and think "too long, did not read"

I read it all and it's pretty damn good, I want to see what happens next. So many questions, is Alex alive? What is a Suductor (I kind of imagine a BIG Venator with more teeth and pointy bits)? And what's going to happen to Jason? Can't wait for more. And Jason is my favorite character, then Artemis (Gotta love the russians), then Alex.
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby JohnnyBlood » Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:57 am

Lone Wolf wrote:What is a Suductor (I kind of imagine a BIG Venator with more teeth and pointy bits)?

have you seen the movie Apollo 18? It's kinda like those things
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby Lone Wolf » Tue Nov 26, 2013 2:58 am

Nice, I really liked that movie.
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Re: Fallen Without Sound *green

Postby JohnnyBlood » Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:04 am

so... yeah. the fic was getting pretty long so i sectioned it off to another post i made below it. Hopefully that will help readers find their place.
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