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Book 1: Before the Fall

[3 hours after launch]

[picture taken]Image

Arthur: Ah ha, got it to work. Hello my loyal subjects. It is day one of my journey to the unknown, and I know what your thinking, "Arthur you're so brave, how do you do it?" well the answer to that my faithful subject is-

Anonymous: Hatsumi, It's almost supper time. Get cookin'.

Arthur Hatsumi: I'll be right there.

[25 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Hello, loyal subjects. Day two of my travels. I got to see Pluto. I think it was Pluto, It might have been Eris, the moon wasn't that big. Anyway the Sogni D'volo is great. the beds are comfy and the rooms are cozy. I have a room mate named Tyler and he's-

Tyler: Hey, Arthur. What are you doing?

Arthur Hatsumi: Speak of the devil. Um, I'm blogging.

Tyler: How? We don't have any internet.

Arthur Hatsumi: I know. I'll upload it later. When we get back.

Tyler: Oh... So what are you talking about?

Arthur Hatsumi: oh just about life's great mysteries and emo stuff. You wouldn't be interested.

Tyler: Yeah that sounds kinda gay. Do you wanna play Foosball?

Arthur Hatsumi: Not right now, maybe later.

Tyler: Alright later.

Arthur Hatsumi: Trust me, that guys a real dick.

[50 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Hello followers, I got bad news. I don't think I can keep doing this daily. they're starting to make me do more chores than just cooking. I have to clean a few...areas. I mean who in their right mind does that? "Hey guys let have the cook scrub the toilets, what a great idea that would be."....do you need something, Justin?

Justin: I was told to get you about lunch.

Arthur Hatsumi: But that's not until another hour.

Justin: It's a big ship.

Arthur Hatsumi: Ok, I'll be there in a second.

Justin: Alright.

Arthur Hatsumi: See? This is the kind of slavery I'm talking about. 23rd century and we still gotta wipe our own asses.

[217 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Day uh... nine I think. So we finally made it passed the Oort Cloud and it should be smooth sailing from here. Next stop, Barnard

[432 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Ok guys so its been...shit. Uh...hey, Jason. Hey Jason!

Jason: What?

Arthur Hatsumi: How many days has it been since we launched?

Jason: Hold up let me check. Daisy, how many Mars days has it been since we launched.

Daisy: It has been 17 Mars days after launch.

Arthur Hatsumi: What the hell was that?

Jason: Daisy.

Arthur Hatsumi: Is she an I.A.?

Jason: Yeah.

Arthur Hatsumi: Do we all get an I.A.? I never got an I.A.

Jason: No, there's only one. Shes for the ship.

Arthur Hatsumi: Why do you have her?

Jason: I was assigned to keep hold of her.

Arthur Hatsumi: Shouldn't someone more important keep hold of her? Like the captain, or Cody.

Jason: Chloe was the one who gave her to me. And I think she hates Cody.

Arthur Hatsumi: Or she likes you.

Jason: Don't you have toilets to scrub?

Arthur Hatsumi: I did it yesterday. This is my day off...Anyway, I cant use Mars days. I'm from Earth. How many Earth days?

Jason: Daisy how many-

Daisy: 18 Earth Days.

Arthur Hatsumi: That's not that different.

Jason: No, it's not.

[507 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Hello, loyal subjects. Its day 21 of my journey. I saw Barnard. The sun wasn't as bright as I thought it would be. I think Justin lied to me when he said "Barnard's Star is the brighte-"

Tyler: Hey Arthur, you missed it.

Arthur Hatsumi: Missed what?

Tyler: You know the pies we had for lunch?

Arthur Hatsumi: The ones I made? Yeah.

Tyler: Craig just ate a whole pie in under 2 minutes.

Arthur Hatsumi: I question Craig's eating habits.

Tyler: I think he's gonna throw up. You should probably get a mop.

Arthur Hatsumi: Gawd damn it. Who keeps pressuring Craig to do this stuff?


Arthur Hatsumi: I hate you.

[672 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Hello my faithful followers. To be Honest I'm getting kind of home sick. Its not all that bad, I mean I'm making plenty of friends, its just traveling in a ship light years away from civilization, it's starting to get to me. There was this one time where I tried to open a window, but then....Jason, whats wrong?

Jason: Oh nothing.

Arthur Hatsumi: You home sick too?

Jason: Not really. I'm just worried.

Arthur Hatsumi: About what?! Are we gonna die?!

Jason: No, nothing like that. Its just I haven't been away this long before. I'm afraid my wife might be mad at me.

Arthur Hatsumi: How could she be mad at you? You're an electrician for a huge mining ship, you must make lots of money.

Jason: The money's fine. The job's just a bit demanding is all. I wasn't home for a special day last time.

Arthur Hatsumi: Anniversary?

Jason: No, I missed my daughter's birthday.

Arthur Hatsumi: You have a daughter? How is she?


Arthur Hatsumi:...Oh...that sucks...uh I gotta go.

[744 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Hello everyone. It's day 31 since launch...I think. We just went passed Wolf and I was scared shitless. A solar flare hit us and we didn't have power for a few hours. Cody said that he fixed the problem and rambled on about technomologic mumbo jumbo, but Jason said, all Cody had to do was replace fusses. But yeah, it was scary as shit. All we could see was light coming from Wolf, talk about red eye.

[816 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Greetings, loyal subjects. I'm starting to forget what day it is. Alex says it doesn't matter anyway, and that time is irrelevant. She's so smart. I don't know where she comes up with these phrases. Anyway, I got on to say that we're halfway to Kyojin, and I'm looking forward to moving slower than light.

[958 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Ok, so the reason I haven't been recording that much is because we are starting to go in burst. They turn off the engines every once in a while to save power and slow down. Going the speed of light requires a lot of distance to slow down I guess, because we aren't even close to the Kyojin System.

Tyler: Hey, Arthur.

Arthur Hatsumi: Oh hey, Tyler.

Tyler: So... you and Alex huh?

Arthur Hatsumi: Who the fuck told you?!

Tyler: No one. I just happened to notice you two go to the bathroom together.

Arthur Hatsumi: Well don't fucking tell anyone! If the captain finds out, I'll get thrown in the brig.

Tyler: We have a brig?

Arthur Hatsumi: Well, no, but I'll probably be put in the laundry room for the rest of the trip.

[1272 hours after launch]

Arthur Hatsumi: Hello, everyone. It's been a while. I couldn't record do to the poor scheduling with the power, but this is important so I'm making time to do this. They are going to cut the engines tomorrow for 5 days as we revolve around Kyojin-B to save power. So i wont be able to record during then, but don't worry. I'm going to start blogging first thing next week when we go home.

[no more recordings detected]

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