Cavius Chapter 5 Sample!

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Cavius Chapter 5 Sample!

Postby Zorgborg242 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:19 pm

When David woke up he found himself in a strange world,a planet different from Cavius....When he looked up he saw a White Sky and when he looked around himself he saw very strange creatures...The humanoid creatures had many distinct Features,for example they had a 4 foot long Mouth on their stomach,with extreamly sharp metal Teeth,,and no instance of any type of sensory organs....Meaning no eyes,no ears,Just Pitch black holes where they were supposed to be...They seemed Friendly towards david...The soil of the blank planet was light grey...It almost seemed like david was in a Painted World,waiting to be Colored.......

Well that was the sample,i will get to work on chaper 5 soon(I Hope),I hope you like the sample! 8-)
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