Blanco, Part I

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Blanco, Part I

Postby Selto » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:20 pm

Hey guys, I'm new to the Gristmill Studios Forum and I just wanted to start off by doing a fan-fiction. Please tell me if my knowledge is right about the game, feedback, clichés, ways to improve, etc. because I would really like that. Thanks guys!


“Wake up. Captain Blanco, wake up.” The metallic female voice rang through the dusky chamber. “Captain Blanco, wake up. Wake up. Are you alive?” The voice continued to yammer on and on, never ceasing, always chattering. “Captain Blanc—“
“Nnngh.” A deep, hoarse voice grunted in response to the voice, cutting it off. The female voice stopped for a few seconds, and then resumed with, “Captain Blanco, wake up.” “Nnngh.” The grunt repeated again, this time a bit clearer. Suddenly, a bright blue light flickered on. The room was immediately illuminated in a ghostly shade of cobalt, bouncing off of every single surface.
The light fell upon a body of a man, broad-shouldered and battered, on the cold, metal ground. A light pool of scarlet shone around his eyes, and aside from every other bruise on his body, the man seemed fine. The light looked over the figure, assessing its damage and its equipment. After a few seconds of this, the voice continued speaking. “Captain Blanco, this is DAI-SE. Please wake up.”
Captain Blanco, the beaten man on the floor, cracked open his bleary eyes. He immediately shut them upon seeing the harsh blue light lighting up the chamber he was in. “Day—” Captain Blanco stopped immediately, his voice hurting his throat. He harrumphed a few times before speaking up again. “Day-see?” He asked, his voice recoiling off the walls of the room like they were people on a trampoline.
“Yes, DAI-SE. Call me Daisy. That’s what everyone else did.” The voice, robotic and monotonous, replied. “Now, get up, Captain Blanco.” Captain Blanco slowly tried to move his arms and let out a quick shout of anguish. “Oh. Right. That impact must’ve hurt you a bit. I remember you had some meds in your coat pocket. Take some.” The cold, calculating voice instructed. Cpatain Blanco painstakingly reached his arm up to his pocket and fished out a vial containing a red liquid.
Captain Blanco brought it to his head and popped off the lid, hastily slurping down the substance. He gave a satisfied sigh and immediately felt better. His muscles were tight and sore before, but after a quick burning sensation, they felt loose and nimble. The pain he felt in every joint had disappeared. After a few more seconds of laying down, he picked himself up and dusted himself off, his suit stained with dust, blood, and other unidentifiable things.
“At last you’re awake. Captain Blanco, this is Daisy. Do you remember me?” The voice asked, a bit more melancholy. Captain Blanco nodded, trying not to speak. “Allow me a few seconds to run a diagnostic of your body functions and equipment… done.” Daisy said in a few moments. “It appears that you’ve been hit with a healthy amount of radiation. I suggest taking one of the green vials in your pocket.”
“In other words, your bone structure and muscle structure appears to be functional. You’ve got a few sprains and a minor fracture on your right arm near the elbow, but you’re doing fine. You’ve got a nominal amount of blood lost. In a quick guess, I would say around 3 ounces. Your equipment is also a bit worse for the wear. Your Grav Boots are no longer functional. I have a schematic for some spare boots in my processor. Your helmet also appears to have shattered upon impact. Serves you right for choosing such a cheap company.” The voice said in a snide tone.
“Your other crew members are all dead except for Jenkins, who wandered out and was either destroyed by the hostile alien life inhabiting this planet or his flesh has been stripped off due to the massive amount of radiation he has absorbed. Either way it must’ve ended ugly for him. However, you are still alive because of the shelter the pod created. A few cracks and crannies led to you absorbing some radiation. Now get up, because I need you.” Captain Blanco nodded, unfazed by any of the things Daisy just told him.
“Let’s get the blood flowing, shall we? Find you P.I.C.K. I believe you left it in a cabinet to the right before the pod blasted off.” Captain Blanco hastily popped open the cabinets, rummaging through them for his pick. In a few seconds, he found it, rusted and nearly broken, next to some meds. “Good. It’s still there. Now, do yourself a favor and take some radiation meds, before you burn up and die.” Captain Blanco did as Daisy commanded, glugging down another vial of liquid. In an instant, his skin felt freer, if he thought so himself. He felt a lot more acrobatic. He liked it.
“Okay then. You need to get yourself a helmet. If you can stomach it, I want you to take one from one of your dead colleagues. One that isn’t broken. I believe Palenko has a functional one.” Daisy said next. Blanco surveyed the room and noticed a few corpses, splattered on the walls. How did I not notice those before? He asked himself. After drawing in a breath and holding it, he charged to where one of the dead spacemen was.
Blanco surveyed the body of his colleague, the tag on his suit reading, “Jameson.” He saw that the cadaver was missing a few fingers, the blood dried and leaking from his eyes and mouth. There were maggots crawling on the exposed flesh, or what was left. Flakes of the dead skin, gory and faintly glowing green, were laying on the floor. Blanco gagged for a second and then tried to remove the helmet of the astronaut, tugging on the helmet with all his might. With a groan and a pop, the helmet came off. The corpse’s head tumbled over, held up only by the support of the helmet, and splattered on the ground with a crack.
Blanco put a hand over his mouth and dashed back to the central processor. “Good, good. don’t puke out your stomach now. If I recall correctly, there was some dried nuts and fish in a drawer in the back. You might not be hungry now, though, because you just took those meds. I recommend not eating for the next day or so.” Daisy said. “Your Grav Boots, as I said before, are no longer functional, but they still provide you with protection. Keep them on for the time being. If you don’t want to do any more exploring, the door is on the left side. Let out the flies, please.”
Blanco hastily jogged to the door and opened it up. He covered his eyes as he went outside, unsure of what he was going to see.
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