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The Randoms

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The Randoms was made only for the purpose of trying to get more activity into the fan fiction section.

Randoms are strange or unique items/beings that are considered different. Most are contain in different sights throughout the universe. Feel free to inform us of all the the other randoms out in the universe.

Spoiler: show
R-14 otherwise known as "The Cosmonaut" is an anomaly that appears to be caused by long exposure to this moon's sun.
Multiple accounts of an astronaut with tattered cloth around the helmet to simulate a hood have been reported. We speculated this activity to be a mirage, but the similar descriptions along with accounts of static while observing R-14 has caused it to become noticed by our organization.
One man has reported hearing what he described as "backwards Russian." After cleaning up debris from ███ █████ we found a recording of ████ explaining what he witnessed.

"So um... I feel like this recording might be a bit... demeaning. I mentioned earlier that my radio is busted, I get the feeling that it must be a loose circuit to cause this "anomaly". I started hearing static all of a sudden, but that's not all. I thought I heard someone, maybe another member of the crew, but then they started speaking a language that I couldn't quite make out. It sounded backwards. So yeah, as I mentioned earlier a loose wire could have caused the speakers to work for a few seconds, so none of this is out of the ordinary. However I saw someone during the event. It looked like a man in our PM2 suits with some make shift cowl on his head. He was staring at me from a hill side. I called out to him and walked towards him, but he walked away from me and past my line of site. I ran to make contact, but when I got up the hill he was gone."

This recording was from ██ years ago.

-Dr. Scratch

Spoiler: show
Subject:item Considered safe

R-15 is otherwise known as the Lefty PICK and has the special ability to make the wearer turn left handed while using or in the area of effect of R-15 that is around 1 meter around R-15 . While Mr.█████ and several others claimed the transition was instantaneous video footage and notes from Dr.More prove other wise. Tapes show subjects placing the PICK on their right hand then placing the PICK in their left hand. Dr.███ quickly ran into the testing of R-15 during this changing of hands to inspect the subject. He reported that the subject seemed to be in a deep trance and attempts to hold or remove the PICK from subjects hands was unsuccessful. In test █████ Dr.███ was tossed through the blast resistant glass resulting in a lot of damage to Dr.███ body. Dr.███ noted subjects having superhuman strength when using R-15 after this incident.

Dr.More convinced base █████ professor Shame to do a testing with R-15 considering its safe "treatment" of testers. Prof.Shame while being mainly a left hand user became Ambidextrous after incident ██████████ left his left hand and arm ███████ During testing Prof.Shame placed the PICK on his left and and began to use it normally. Dr.More instructed Prof.Shame to swap the PICK to his right to see what would happen. After the swap over was done Prof.Shame kept reporting an aching in his right hand and arm with a nervous feeling in his left hand and arm. After Prof.Shame moved the PICK back to his left side the feelings of aching and nervousness stopped. No more adverse effects have happen during the test or after the test. R-15 Belong to a miner that was also a tester of the Gravity boots prototypes. No connection has yet been established between gravity boots and R-15. However tests are under way to try and reproduce R-15 with gravity boots and written reports during the gravity boots testing.

-Dr.more and Dr.███

Spoiler: show
R-37 is an anomaly of strange radio interference from Kyojin B. The interference consists of pink noise and consecutive beeps.
It was first reported during █/█/████ after the company ████ █ ████ sent a settlement to Kyojin B1 to clean up ███ █████ and start mining for various ores. One of the colonists, Abraham Wash, was in charge of reporting to ████ █ ████ on their discoveries. We managed to obtain two of his reports and one report from ████ ████

While pointing the G.E. (radio telescope) towards ████ █ ████, Kyojin B broke communications as we spun to the opposite side. This caused some interference which at first it was just pink noise and didn't seem too strange, but then I started hearing beeping. I called over ████ to make sure I wasn't hearing things. His eyes grew wide and was very interested. We both noticed the beeping to be repeating first there were 2 quick beeps then 3 slow beeps then 4 quick beeps then 2 slow beeps and the cycle continued to repeat after that. ████ looked up what it might mean in mores code, but told me it was gibberish. Before I could get Dr. ██████ to listen to it Kyojin B was out of the way and I was not aloud to move the direction of the G.E.

Kyojin B cut off connection to ████ █ ████ again and I was able to hear the interference. It didn't seem to have changed. It was still the same pattern of beeps. I quickly ran to get Dr. ██████ and show him. As we got back to the G.E. I put on my headset, the beeping was still there with no change, when Dr. ██████ put on the spare headset though the beeping grew louder and more frequent. From what I could tell it wasn't in a pattern anymore. Dr. ██████ started showing signs of pain and screamed before taking off the headset. He was angry with me and hit me.
I heard the noise too but Dr. ██████ acted as if it was far worse. The beeping stopped.

████ ████████ and Abraham Wash were found next to Dr. ██████'s corpse covered in blood. Both claimed that they don't recall their actions and have been diagnosed with Pandorum. They are deemed unsafe and are under custody until the next supply ship comes to send them back home where they will be tried for murder.

-Dr. Scratch

Spoiler: show
Subject: animal Considered unsafe

R-80 is also known as the basalt spider because of its natural abilities. The basalt spider is in fact an arachnid of alien origin though its true point of origin is unknown. These spiders are pretty large and killed many miners those who survive were considered crazy since many had be infected by venom without knowing it. The venom causes many issues including █████; █████ ;insanity and the growth of a fungus like substance on the subjects skin. Its believed that this fungus is a parasite that infects the spider after long times of non movement. R-80 has the ability to close its self into what appears to be lump of normal rock mostly basalt thanks to its distribution mainly being on moons. However when an animal or human goes near it R-80 will follow it. Its quick reflexes and sight allow it to turn back before one can fully turn their head to look behind them. More then 80% of these spiders kept here for testing hate light. More then half of miners could of been attack without their flashlight. However even in light one will attack if any physical contact is made.

R-80 has also evolved into a suicide bomber and will explode if in light for too long. This is thanks to miners putting up work lights then abandoning them. The spiders died from lack of resources like food. Now lights will be killed if close enough to the explosion allowing the spiders to wonder the tunnels for food. While they mostly eat miners a few lay eggs within the body and allow the host to leave. It is believed that this and other methods allowed them to become so abundant in certain sectors. While we have mostly eliminated R-80 in the wild and kept the public thinking they are myths and legend some corpirations have also gathered their own specimens of R-80. While most are quiet in what they do with it RSS teams are trying their best to eliminate all these specimens.

When faced with the problem of being on moon ███████ with most non carnivorous prey on the surface and the carnivorousness venators underground R-80 evolved. Some specimens would gain an orange shell around their body and wander the surface. The shell is also almost the same material as the venators shell and almost the same density. These spiders lost their hiding ways for light protection. The moon was slowly over taken until all life but the spiders was dead.The moon was then ███████ so that no spiders remained. R-80 is to be kept in a dark room at all times and only given 1 type of animal for dinner its whole life. This animal is picked by higher level staff. This means R-80 cannot gain additional abilities from different sources of food.


Spoiler: show
Subject:item Considered safe

R-124 appears to be a normal Centriforge 4D Fabricator and would be considered normal by most who see it. However this is not the case since R-124 posses special abilities that no other fabricator has ever displayed to our knowledge. Subject has the strange ability to teleport when PICK technology interacts with it. R-124 was found by aliens that consider it their king and built a castle around it on moon ████████ They consider R-124 to be self aware and highly intelligent artificial intelligence. The aliens were reported to be following "orders" from it. A RRS team removed R-124 from its throne and returned it to the closest base. Subject was later imprinted with a chip to change its name to R-124 on PICK identity detection for positive identification of subject. Later on subject teleported out of the base during tests and has yet to be found. When found agents are to report its location and wait for an RRS team to come to their location. Agents should not use PICK technology of any sort on R-124. Only ever use PICK technology to positively identity R-124 instead of suspecting a normal fabricator of being R-124.

-Dr.More and Professor Shame .

Picture of R-124 in testing cell on a local moon.

Spoiler: show
Subject: unknown considered dangerous

R-156 is commonly known as the mind eater and is very dangerous to all forms of life.The mind eater as the name suggest eats other beings minds leaving their body a empty shell. It seems that R-156 is only interested in thoughts and functions and often leaves the subjects with their hard coded abilities like breathing and releasing waste from the body. Subject appears to be a large slug like creature that lived on a moon around █████ in █████ It had killed every other life form yet was still alive on the harsh moon.

It is believed that R-156 is simply the gatherer of the universe collecting all the information it can from its victims. R-156 was finally contained by a special RRS team full of exodrones. R-156 would █████ the drones as they moved it meaning the user had to swap to a new drone. Half way through R-156 managed to consume the mind of a member of the team and started to control all the spare unused exodrones in the area. Luckily the team was able to subdue R-156 with R███ It was then transported to █████ around moon █████ Professor Shame was brought in and looked over R-156 file. He then decided to try downgating into a drone to try and talk with R-156. When in the room he tried to communicate telepathically by simply thinking of the questions he wanted to ask. R-156 actually responded to his questions but not with words but with sounds and images that just popped into the mind of Professor Shame.

Intiview with R-156. Red is Shame and blue is R-156. Hello there R-156 I hear you are like me in that we both seek knowledge. Sound bite from radio says " I hold more then your small container could ever hold" Okay then how about I simply ask how it is you "live" without ever needing anything? Radio sound bites say "When you know of ████████ and what life really is ask that again. Okay then can you tell me about R-14?An image appears of Prof.Shame and his best-friend who died many years ago. Hum... Okay then let me just leave you with this then. Treat stupider creatures with more respect because they could of known everything. Because knowing everything means knowing and "understanding" nothing. To know nothing means to know nothing and to have forgotten everything. R-156 pulls a thinking sound bite from the radio and then forces the Professor out of the room be trying to consume his mind.

Up until 3 weeks ago R-156 seemed to be in a hibernation or asleep state. It would not interact or steal anythings mind nor would it move. Prof.Shame says that its simply pondering his little riddle he left it. Now R-156 seems back to being normal like before its conversation.

-Professor Shame
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