Nsrc chapter 0

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Nsrc chapter 0

Postby Hitman1244 » Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:51 am

National Space Research Center. NSRC>>> LogIN Cadet. Stuart Kolp>>>> log recording. start. Hello this is Stuart Kolp i have been on this planet for about 2 weeks i think. So yeah if anyone hears me PLEASE answer. Hello t..iss...stuu..(cracks out)......Day 15... LogIN Cadet>>> Stuart Kolp>>> log recording. start. Okay it seems i well didnt fix the ummm helmet. soo yeah. i just ripped out the SRRCR. Social Radio Recording Connection Responder. i just "carefully" took out the device without breaking or ripping anything. Anyhoo. so yeah since i can talk now i can actually say things to maybe Other GODDAMN HUMANS ON THIS F!@$ING PLANET! (angry breathing) uhh. my god. so yeah i am here on i think the moon of the Venoloir planet which the moon of the planet i am currently on is called. oh. its. okay there is people here. log end....Day 16......reLog Welcome Stuart Kolpton........log recording. start. Okay so i have found out that this is the moon of the big BIG corps. like HSG and all that dandy stuff. so yeah. and good thing is. is that i might have a chance of having contact with One of the corps and maybe get supplys and maybe idk. make my own corp...Log end.......

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Re: Nsrc chapter 0

Postby still crosshair » Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:48 pm

+1 ;)
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