Tales of Antydra: Ignoble

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Tales of Antydra: Ignoble

Postby PD Enki » Sun May 01, 2016 10:51 pm


Over a century ago, groups of skilled opportunists began defecting from their homeworlds. They formed privately owned corporations and set their sights upon the stars. This sparked an event, a sort of modern space-race, that became known as the Defection. Their goals and objectives varied greatly, but most were after the same things: Natural resources, scientific research, new territory, power, and for some, alien technology. Many of the well known corporations that exist today, were originally formed in the early days of the Defection. Such as Leviathan, Raum, Renegade, and Hydra 6.

let's revisit that last one for a moment.

Hydra 6 was a corporation that strived for interstellar dominance through technological advancements in addition to raw military power and wealth via extrasolar mining. It grew quickly in size and influence very early on. Seizing valuable Solar systems and other assets. They became one of the most powerful interstellar corporations to come out of the Defection. They held on to their power and influence for 100 years, which conveniently brings us up to the present.

So, what happened to them? Something essential in Hydra's hierarchy broke. The corporation began to crumble. Partial anarchy ensued. Rouge members began looting various facilities. But just before this occurred, like, hours before, two members of Hydra's high council seceded. Their goal was to rally some of hydra's forces to leave with them. They would tell them that all hell was about to break loose, and that they could avoid it by joining them.

They preached this line to the commanding officers of Fleet 217, around the planet Hesporus, and they agreed to join them. All Hydra forces stationed there would retire all previous operations and withdraw from the planet. They would link up elsewhere and form a separate faction. The events that follow began during Fleet 217's exodus from Hesporus.


Part 1:

Enki came up to the entrance of H6 Installation 217. It was a mining facility, but it was chosen as a rendezvous point for the convoy of the Hesporus garrison. From here they would make preperations to leave.

Enki is a Human, about 5'5, and average in most respects. Aside from one thing: Enki was born in space, and as a result of the poorly regulated systems in place on the craft regarding radiation leakage, the development of his eyes was effected, and they are quite unique. The whites of his eyes are a milky black color, and his irises are a glistening white.

He entered the facility and made a beeline for the Observation Deck. From there, he could get a good look at the forces he had managed to rally, as well as the chance to see Qwerqy face to face for the first time since the secession. He approached the door and reached for the handle. He grabbed it, but negleted to turn it. Why would he hesitate? He wanted to see Qwerqy, but he felt apprehensive. He dismissed the notion and entered the Observation Deck.

Q was immediately visible. He stood at the front of the room looking through the glass. He is a Kathian, a very tall, robust race of beings with hard exoskeletons, much like insects. Q in particular is over seven feet tall, quite short for a Kathian.

"Guess who?" Proclaimed Enki as he entered the room.

"Enki!" Q replied with excitement.

Enki approached him, and hugged his good friend. But the height difference between the two resulted in Enki being lifted clear off the ground.

Q released his grasp on Enki. "The turnout was better than we could've hoped." He said. "Take a look." He gestured toward the window. Enki approached the railing. A mass of former Hydra private military forces, mining crews, and research teams were congregating before him, preparing to withdraw from Hesporus.

"Damn, Q. This whole installation is joining us?'

"installations, Enku. Plural. The entire planet's forces and orbiting fleet have taken up arms with us."

"This is a good start for us. Whatever it is we are now."

There were a few seconds of silence. "We're not too different from who we once were." Replied Q. "Destin on the other hand..."

Enki interrupted. "Do you think he meant it? I mean, do you believe he intended for this to happen? He was a chaotic leader towards the end. Maybe this is entertaining to him."

"He was, and possibly still is, totally blind to the consequences of his actions. Whatever he was trying to accomplish, this probably wasn't it. At least, I have to believe it isn't. Or the worst has yet to come."

Enki nodded. "On the way over here, I became aware of several more reports of Hydra infighting, Q. The council members are even more hostile to each other than before. As far as I can tell, each one of them has ordered their individual fleets to get battle ready. I fear that a six-way civil war is just over the horizon."

"I think you're right. That is precisely why we've taken command of the Hesporus fleet. We need to take all the assets we can get our hands on and get the hell out of Dodge before the fighting starts. The only thing we need now is someplace to set up shop. Some place far away from here."

"I know the perfect system. There are multiple Hydra bases there, but with all the fighting that's about to happen, I doubt they'll notice us. Besides, there are plenty of undocumented worlds there. Everyone stationed there was to busy with mining Endurium on the main Terrestrial planets to bother with the rest of them."

"Endurium? So you must mean the Xenos system? The place where the poor dude crash landed on Xenos and survived on his own for years?"


Qwerqy heads for the door. "Perfect. I'll give the coordinates to Captain Malus."

"Kapitän Malus, Q."

"What was that?"

"Auf Deutsch, ist es Kapitän."

Pointing at Enki, "I'm getting real tired of you." Q joked.

"Love you too."

Q exits the Observation Deck while Enki continues to watch the amassing forces beneath him. The feeling of apprehension returned to him.
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