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DownGate Patch 1.1 Released

Postby Gristmill » Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:39 pm

We can't post it for Review for another day or two, but we have a patch cooked up to address most of the first release issues. We'll come back and edit this post to add more things as we do them over the next couple days. Obviously testing may require we wait more than 2 days to put it up for Review, but it shouldn't be too long.


Multiple Greenscreen/Crash fixes - I think we've nailed all the current one's people are seeing.

Empty Lobby - this one is hard to verify until it's out in the wild, but we're fairly certain we've killed the bug that causes players to load into an empty lobby and just sit there (no map selected).

The Voice has had its volume turned down.

Jetpack and flamethrower sounds occasionally would get stuck on, we believe we've eliminated the edge-cases that could cause this.

The beam from the PICK was drawing from strange locations when others used it. That has been corrected.


Shotgun(s) range and spread have been brought into line with other weaponry.

Certain bullet types have been tweaked to make them less OP

Chemical Weapons, especially the chemical flamethrower, have had their damage re-evaluated (upped).

The chemical flamethrowers have had a bit of flame added to their damage, so they do something against fully armored opponents.

Plasma grenades and rockets have been re-evaluated (upped) to better match other splash-damage weapons.

Sniper rifle headshots are generally instant kills now.

The Plasma Repeater machinegun has been tweaked to be slightly less lethal and more in line with others of its type.

The Dustbiter machinegun has been tweaked to be slightly more lethal and more in line with others of its type.


Target popups (the armor widget) will now display the player's name in their team color, and will have Hostile or Friendly below the widget

Team matching was generally capped at 8 (4v4) unless there was an invited player or an imbalance (up to 16 max). We've tweaked that to allow 5v5
normally (still with the ability to go up to 8v8 for imbalance and invites).

Level requirements are now indicated on equipment in the Loadout screen so players know how far they are from unlocking them.

The PICK's digging speed has been greatly amplified.

The single player maps have been re-named to better explain their function/playstyle.

X is now reload (still hold for pickup and interact)

Y is now switch weapons

In the Waiting to Start screen, only your own team is shown, leaving more room for Objectives.

Objectives are printed in larger font and more prominently displayed on Waiting to Start screen.

Teams are now named by color instead. Red Team vs Blue Team instead of Team 1 vs Team 2 for less confusion.

XenoMiner 2.15 contains the Recon code, and that patch is going into Review tonight.
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Re: DownGate Patch Incoming

Postby Mr Nukealizer » Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:57 pm

Sounds good! Hopefully this patch will fix the most annoying issues and get the people that quit to come back.
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Re: DownGate Patch Incoming

Postby Gristmill » Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:34 am

Patch 1.1 is now Released
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Re: DownGate Patch 1.1 Released

Postby LeeFesler » Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:06 pm

So far so good. No issues with headshots now. Lol finally!!! Haha. :) I wish there was like a story tho. XD haha. But wiout its still a great update. :D
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Re: DownGate Patch 1.1 Released

Postby still crosshair » Sat May 03, 2014 6:47 am

Anything new with this game ?
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