Some questions about damage types

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Some questions about damage types

Postby Mr Nukealizer » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:36 pm

Ok, so after looking at the ammo types list and playing the game a bit, I have some questions.
1. Do standard bullets do any health damage before the armor is destroyed? If so, does the health damage increase the more the armor piece is damaged?
2. Does armor piercing stuff completely ignore armor, or does only part of the damage get through?
3. Does fire do any damage to armor, or only health?
4. What exactly is plasma for? I just really don't understand it.
5. Is there any difference between explosive and rocket, except that rockets are nearly impossible to hit stuff with?
6. Is there anything that would actually make chemical stuff worth using over armor piercing or fire?
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Re: Some questions about damage types

Postby Gristmill » Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:54 pm

1. Standard bullets are just standard damage, they pound through armor and once it is gone, they pound through hp.

2. AP a percentage hits armor and a percentage hits hp directly. If you can kill someone quickly, they're better. If they get away, you'd have been slightly better off using standard (because your damage straight to hp regens and is a net loss).

3. Fire only damages hitpoints, you cook em and kill em or they regen after getting away.

4. Plasma is standard while hitting armor, but once it is hitting hitpoints, it does double damage.

5. Rockets are self-propelled, they technically have no max range. They are typically higher damage than an explosive thing of the same caliber.

6. Chemical kills extremely quickly (well, it did and perhaps doesn't now but soon will again). If your enemies have a little bit of damage, you'll kill them faster with chemical than with fire. This is not true about the current flamethrower that throws chemicals ... that one is broken and is being fixed in the patch. Also chemical lingers, give you the power to control the map in a sense. An incendiary grenade is a flash of damage and then gone, a chemical grenade can effectively stop passage through an area for the 5 seconds or so it remains.

Like the weapons, the ammos are not meant to necessarily be better ...they're just tactically different. Different playstyles will tend towards different ammo types (and different weapons) and should still be a viable force.
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