Customizable Landscapes

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Customizable Landscapes

Postby BushKillFalls » Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:18 pm

Customizable Landscapes meaning like Preference Boxes where each Biome is Listed and Checking that Biome's Box Makes it the Predominant Biome Near Spawn. So if you want to have Sky Island Battles they are More Centrally Located to Spawn or a Badlands Battle or Massive Crater Battle so players can make their own Bases Easier to defend Themselves.

The Option can be Listed in Check Box Form or Drop Down Form right below Map Name. I don't know how it would work with the Seed though. Maybe limiting the Random Seeds to Seeds that have that Biome near Spawn if they are listed in your Code that way or just Assigning a Random Seed for that Biome Request and Hitting Random just Switches the Biome Preference back to Random.
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Re: Customizable Landscapes

Postby BriarFae » Thu May 29, 2014 7:52 am

{Edit:And a map that has the xeno tower :mrgreen: (old or new I don't care...or BOTH??)}

I have been playing with someone on both DownGate and Murder Miners
and noticed that MM has a faster feel of play. (I'm not skilled at FPS slower suits me)

also the player-made maps can be impressive and balanced
some are incredibly detailed

other maps are par cor, as the central mechanism of play
( that would look different for Gravboots instead of wall jumping)

I like the maps with side passages and hidden things
I think I will build a hub with LOTS of side routes & back ways
(like a spider web)

I also prefer sniping (favourite kill: headshot a flying opponent 8-) )

I would love to build pair of complexes into some large sky Islands
gravity paths on top
back doors in the bottom

zone control could be used instead of flags, for a trickier capture the flag.
or steal crates for points(but can't take your own, maybe?)

2 zones
one per fort/complex
spawn set far enough away from zone so invinciblity doesn't reach, no easy retake
no points for crates
short to medium time to capture
at least 2 main paths to keep play fast but not repetitive
sniper nests up top
rough terrain that is weak and destructable below (ice beneath Islands)

please pardon my rambling (I got on a roll)
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Re: Customizable Landscapes

Postby BriarFae » Sat May 31, 2014 12:18 pm

new idea

vertical platforms (the only "floors" are for team spawn zones)

blue team starts on the west side of platforms
red team on the east side of the platforms

both teams move "down" toward each other

EMP weapons would be fatal in this manufactured environment (Gravboots need power or you will fall)

falling far enough to trigger the safety reset of Gravboots would be almost as deadly
( fall out of the world unless you have power for thrusters)


rookies on top of platforms (horizontal platforms)
experts forced to start with the upside down handy cap
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Re: Customizable Landscapes

Postby BriarFae » Fri Jun 13, 2014 5:48 pm

PC Modding» Modding
Gristmill wrote:
Our current tool sets would allow players to create and edit maps, armor, weapons, and bullets. Over the next few days we'll be posting some screenshots and other materials to show you what we've got so far.
Hey Gristmill, how far are these tools from becoming a map building mode on Xbox DownGate?
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