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Postby BriarFae » Sun Jul 13, 2014 9:13 pm

I think 50% of people who are willing to make a map
can make better, more detailed maps then you Devs have.

And the other 50% of people (likely my role) will make odd maps :
    -par cor
    -bizarre and unique but fun

no offence intended

but it would add to the variety of maps, if you let us.

edit:my brain storming:
    -ice tree orchard on rolling hills
    -office building(s) or art gallery
    -sideways levels floating over the void
    -a single large warehouse with piles of crates, also catwalks
    -siege /Zone defence (attackers VS defenders). Attackers drop from ship in the sky. Defenders advantage in the Fort /complex. Zone(s) in the front half of the Fort.
    -pipe connector labyrinth (N, S, E, W, Up, Down} random intersections)
    -space port with control tower, landing zones, confusing (lol) baggage area using Gravpanels, waiting lounge, radar and satellite dishes, etc.
    -a fleet of ships in space, like the asteroids but with airlocks, interior rooms and corridors (and the thrusters have Gravpanels to push you if you are behind them, oops)
    -a Mine with shafts, tunnels, and rooms with rock pillars
    -space station port
    -space station habitat (wheel shaped)
    -a large void of Space with 2 shuttles and several small com satellites (to perch on)
    -a radio telescope farm with maintenance access to each dish in the array
    -a colony of landers on a desert (like future manned mission to Mars)
    -3D snapshot of a comet with it's tail(particles)
    -a (giant) surreal hybrid of Easter Island's Moai , and England's Stonehenge
    -trenches with a dozen or so small Zones in little bunkers and gun nests. 2 ammo holes
    -a kill/death map with a lucrative Zone in the middle that is in the ground so you must make a hole to stand in to activate it, making you a sitting duck (hope your team's supporting you)
    -an exposed tower with Zones of higher value on higher floors
    -a battle field with lots of "sand bag" cover made out of valuable blocks. Mining your coves r for more points
    -cat & mouse in and on a "forest" Hoodoos (close quarters)
    -a valley /ravine with a city carved into opposing cliffs
    -cat & mouse (no Zones or Crates) in an untamed mountain range (like the back end of Titan Valley)
    -a mine with a lot of Crates. And a large mine shaft with Zones at the top and bottom.
    -a fire fight on a giant triple helix
    -a hill with a ruin of a fort on it surrounded by fully buried vaults. 6 drop pods in a circle around the hill , 3 per team alternating
    -subway system of gravpanels (looks like Wack-A-Mole from the surface)
    -a maze clogged with crates
    -an arena with randomized back-ways using chutes and gravpanels
Any combination of the above.
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Postby ARCLIGHT545 » Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:56 am

I doubt a feature like this could be added to the 360, but the one could possibly accomodate it. There is an indie golf game on the one that has a course creator in the game. Maybe there can be a world creator in the One Swarm release, or possibly as a separate game that augments Swarm. I think it would be a very unique addition to the game and could allow for some radical departures from the common biome appearances.
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