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best xenos claims

Postby treos » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:33 am

craters...craters EVERYWHERE!

tell me these maps aren't awesome when it comes to diamond/endurium mining, even as single player. i made a long (2-3 craters making a long stretched one) crater claim on xenos several days ago and could easily pull over 2.5k endurium (and thats the low ore no less) from a very small area along the map border. that is a LOT of money in a real short amount of time. screw surface mining, save up and buy a few bio scanners and lvl 3 mineral scanners and setup the landing pad defenses and go digging deep for tons of gredits. :)

...and no, i still only have that ice planet unlocked >.> haven't been too active on the game lately due to playing some games on the computer instead.

edit: oh yeah, i've taken a liking to picking a corner of a map and simply mining straight down to the bedrock layer one space/block at a time while slowly expanding the hole outwards. its a bit slow but not only does it give all minerals in my path but also an ungodly amount of building resources. seriously, wth am i going to do with over 7.3k concrete, 1.7k light basalt, 8.6k dark basalt, and 3.4k common basalt (current amounts)? thats insane considering that, IF i build anything big with all of that, it'll be impossible to safely defend the constructs in single player mode without the bugs ripping it to shreds. >.> thats why all these resources are going to pile up in my inventory and go unused aside from basic landing pad defenses which don't use anything remotely close to scratching those numbers.
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Re: best xenos claims

Postby Timpraetor » Mon Oct 13, 2014 12:50 am

Wait until you hit Heliok and start pulling up Obsidian :shock: . It's the closest thing to bug-resistant as you'll find in the game.
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Re: best xenos claims

Postby treos » Mon Oct 13, 2014 1:01 am

it is? more so than the xeno blocks? all the more reason for me to go deep mining for diamond and endurium. >.< 3 million...3 MILLION GREDITS at 25k/crate.

let's see... 25k x 4 = 100k so 40 diamond/endurium crates or 120 total to unlock heliok. thats a lot of deep mining to do but at least the bugs won't bother me too much if i avoid or go under any caves. (math was off by 1 zero >.>)

edit: all hail the crater maps! i just found a whole bunch of high ore veins (somewhat small but still good) along the edge of the map and they're above the low ore. o.O

edit2: 51/240 diamond/endurium crates (240 needed to get the 3 remaining planets...well, 2 planets and asteroid field)

edit3: them bugs sure don't like people selling minerals but then again, that red block does make some loud noise. 1 load of 51 diamond and endurium (plus a bit of gold and silicon i had) crates sold and i was back up to 1.5mill gredits but now i have sulis unlocked :) just 5 mill to go.
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Re: best xenos claims

Postby Kiln » Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:50 pm

You're looking at Kalt all wrong. it is somewhat poor for mining but the terrain is perfect for defense missions because you can use explosives like grenade launchers to easily make holes into the caves below for bugs to fall into. You can also blast a massive hole underneath the base for them to group up in so you can take your time killing them off one by one before they dig back to the surface.
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