Mission Type- Hive Assault

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Mission Type- Hive Assault

Postby QWERQY » Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:06 pm

Hive assault missions start you right outside the aliens nest, their nests are Pretty big,
When you get in you'll see a lot of bugs, trying to murder you, you should probably shoot them.
This mission introduces new blocks which are
Hive shell
Hive light
Hive membrane
Hive wall
And the lovely new alien queen mob named jaxin

In the mission there will be three lovely alien queens which you have to kill be warned they are EXTREMELY strong and will spit acid and eggs

What the eggs do is they spawn bugs which is obviously bad.

Here's some strategy's Raum uses.

Dig a hole through the roof and put a spawn pad next to the hole in the roof and slowly go down and just shoot them

Or use mining explosives and make a much larger hole and put the spawn pad inside the nest

We also reccomend setting a xeno core inside the nest and putting a couple Gatling or rocket turrets (only use rocket if you do not care about the nest) and using plasma/incendiary explosives on the bugs as well make sure when setting these STAND BACK because paying for repairs for three drones isn't that fun.

I think that about covers it, if I missed anything just post it below (I'll edit the original post with the information I missed)
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Re: Mission Type- Hive Assault

Postby still crosshair » Sat Nov 01, 2014 11:34 pm

I seen in my little time of checking out the update that the most expensive sniper rifle (forget the name of it :oops: ) Can take out the queen mobs pretty quickly if you know where to aim and can hit it while being knocked around by the spit. I also seen that the queens have an attack range limit meaning that you could use that limit to your advantage.
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