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Xenominer Swarm ideas.

Postby Malice70 » Sat May 02, 2015 4:34 pm

I need gristmill to take a look at this list of ideas for Swarm. Every one else can tell me what they think too of course. Its pretty extensive...

1. Bugs don’t appear in areas lit by blocks placed by players. (I haven’t figured out there spawning system.) I think light that occurs in map generations should be excluded.

2. Random radiation day events. These days will make bugs stronger and actively hunt drones, and also cause rapid battery drain, then start damaging health.

3. Claim interface block (expensive). This block would allow for claim expansions (limited), dome purchase to block out radiation days (expensive), dome repair from meteors, pesticides to temporarily pacify bugs in claim, bug bait to temporarily anger bugs in claim.

4. Meteor crashings for random bug squads and resources.

5. Hives appear randomly.

6. Claim alerts while on missions (such as meteor crashes and hive appearances). Should also include eminent base attacks, which if left unattended will have blocks randomly disappear that have been laid by players. However, if attended, the player will be attacked by 3 or more commanded bug squads.

7. Bug squads with commanders that have buffs for the squads.

8. Bug commander abilities (these are the ones I have come up with so far) may include: making squad members target circuits, healing squads, making squads faster, stronger, or more durable, jumping higher, clinging to surfaces, hunting drones or turrets, and suicidal commanders that explode.

9. Power sources have life and need to be replaced based on how fast their power is being used by the things attached to its sources.

10. Builder bugs that will build hives or try to build hives.

11. P.I.C.K. mods for different block gathering and laying patterns. Maybe should use a P.I.C.K. modifier block?

12. The ability raise random bugs from gathered eggs, using a bug modifier block. Used to train and feed bugs. Costs money to feed bugs. Bugs have random stats and can betray you.

13. View switch block. Sometimes I wanna be in third person and there is no button for that. So I think a block that switches view would be neat.

14. Beacons; instead of being cheap and being able to have a bunch, make them 2 million grist and only able to hold one. When you start one, mobs try to attack beacon and near by crates aggressively.

15. Spawn pads cannot be absent on a map for 2 minutes (more or less), bugs are attracted to and try to attack the spawn pad when close enough. An absent spawn pad will result in immediate mission failure or claim loss. They should also cost 2 million and only 1 can be held.

16. If you don’t have a claim, the game thinks your weak and won’t give you lucrative missions. (making you have to save for a claim)

17. (This probably should’ve gone first, this is in bad order…. Sorry) A day by day danger rise? Also bugs hunt you at night.

18. Hives on claims. With the edition of builder bugs and random hive appearances, letting 3 or more hives persist on your claim will result in “Claim Overrun” or losing your claim in a days time. ( So don’t let them stack.) Eradicated hives’ blocks will disappear, sometimes leaving other rock or material in its place. (Mostly disappearing though.)

19. Player trade? Idk about the 1 million grist block being the only way to give each other things. Maybe just a couple different values.

20. FLYING MOBS! Idk how…. Just, please?

21. Power direction circuit blocks. (one way circuits)

22. Block scrap block…… put in blocks i.e. whatever you have, and get random material salvage (2-4 pieces of whatever)

23. TURRET INTERFACE BLOCK- allows for turret limit upgrades, turret controlling, purchase of “Good Boy!!!” (turrets cant harm player laid blocks…. Oh yeah, that’s right.)

24. Drones. Drones should have levels and upgrades. Like, battery life. ( it’s a remote controlled drone) I think you should need energy tank upgrades, get ammo capacity upgrades, and maybe mining speed and health upgrades.

25. Hive assault missions should sometimes include multiple hives. (Why not?)

26. IF you want; you should be able to create a hive. (Even thought of a clever way to do it.) Incase a 3x3 egg square in hive shell and wait 7 in-game days.

27. Power distributors sphere radius should be upgradable.

28. TECH GATHERS- make them a bit more frequent but with added danger. I suggest ( you don’t have to) random hostile faction npc; or player drones?!?!

I hope you like these ideas and will want to add some if not all of them.
I think this games replay value could be immense!!!!
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