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Re: Orbital Zone

Postby RoadKill » Wed Sep 03, 2014 6:32 pm

ARCLIGHT545 wrote:Orbital Zone. NO GRAVITY! No up, no down, weightlessness...Now that would be COOL!!! Gun firing acts like propulsion(intended or unintended), having to really think several steps ahead about where you are trying to go.

I do like this. And for danger, if you jet/weapon propel into a object one can get damaged like what happens when you fall too far with energy depleted.

I do like the Orbital zone idea. And one could have Xeno ship wrecks for the new mission type that's being worked on. One could do 'salvage' missions on ruined ships that have a time limit before the corporation that ship is to reclaims it. And the idea of getting rid of asteroids or comets before they hit your station is good. Or just mining missions on passing asteroids....add a time limit to that as the rock will eventually move out of teleport range.
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