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Postby Nuggetized » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:04 pm

*More colors for drones
*Radar "pulsing" or spinning when bio scanner is activated
*Better world generation for The Belt
*Add more value to mission bonus to bug contracts
*Add Co-op planets for multplayer so other players won't effect single player mode. This would add "servers" for other players to join.
*More missions:
Hive assualt- adds a generated maze that the player(s) fight through eventually finding a boss room with mobs. The player(s) must then survive in the room depending on the difficulty stars
Hive prospect- claim with hidden hive underneath surface.

BTW: I tried to make these ideas as original as possible I think they are really good. I'm also trying to not incorporate any ideas from minecraft or any other game related to this one!
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