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Requests -ideas

Postby bradrose90 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:19 pm

Is it possible to add tags to equipment which have been deployed? That way a rule could be created where you can't destroy/steal another users deployed turrets, power src, etc. Allow it to be damaged by critters, but not by other players. Or, if it gets picked up - it drops into the original players inventory.

Would make it more enjoyable rather than have some idiot come along and take all your deployed stuff. That way multiple players could deploy in the same game and have a much better time. Have played some multiplayer defend the base and can be very difficult with only the one player deploying materials.

Would like more turret types. Pulse, chemical, explosive. Turrets are rather limited and bland. Ability to slave to turret would be nice for directed fire.

Larger playing area. The playing area is artificially constrained to such a small box.

More claims. Limiting the claims to 3 doesn't make a lot of sense. Especially if you jump to a new planet. You should be able to strike new claims on each one. -- Maybe new screen which allows 3 claims per planet and would show overview.

Base chunk. Ability to move base would be nice. Or, is that possible? Maybe use spawn pad as base chunk so it can be moved.

Re-add computer cores to game - allow comm equipment to be built to slave computers together for increased computing power.
Allow player to research new tech allowing upgrades to turrets -> expand into more damage or upgrades to other types of turrets.
Upgrades to armor, equipment, weapons, new tech... etc...


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Re: Requests -ideas

Postby greenkiller56 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 5:22 pm

These are great suggestions, but you don't really need to ask for a bigger map because the 360 can only handle so much and if they transfer swarm to the one I would expect to see bigger maps, more enemies, less lag, possibly more turrets, and especially more people in a game. Otherwise I couldn't come up with better suggestions.
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