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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:31 am
so me and memo have had this idea for temperature to actually matter. for swarm it would be more of a mechanical and technical problem, like trying to keep your power supply from overheating and slowing down, to keeping your turrets from freezing and being unable to turn. for the original it would be more life threatening. your suit would obviously provide some warmth from the frozen moon and could last a while until you could provide a sufficient heat source.

now that you know what it could be used for i'll break down exactly what it would do, where it would do it, and how it would affect the player in various ways.

I will start with the original. seeing as you're crashed on a moon there wouldn't be much of an atmosphere, if any. so when the sun came out the temperature would increase exponentially, and when the sun went down it would plummet. since the ice on Xenos never seems to melt maybe the planet has an extremely high albedo? or its just really really far away don't know. but it would mean the daytime would be even more dangerous and the night more challenging. this would also add another layer to base design forcing you to think of how to give it a duct system and a heating system. ( same thing would apply to swarm) you would have to make sure your solar panels don't freeze over or that your door panels haven't been cold too long and won't close until you heat them up again. (or frozen shut, being locked out of your base wouldn't be fun)

for swarm it would make Heliok an absolute nightmare and Kalt possibly worse. Sulis would probably not be much of a problem though. i think that it shouldn't matter how cold power systems are. seeing the problem with all electronics is that they heat up and get laggy, freeze, or stop working altogether. the only time the lower temperatures would matter for those types of systems is when its literally so cold it completely freezes. as for them being too hot it could cause them to not put out as much power or randomly stall depending on how bad it gets. the damage it could cause to turrets would be a big problem especially on higher star missions or claims. with the lower temperatures slowing down turn rate and fire rate, and the higher temperatures causing them to sustain serious damage due to the extreme external heat and internal heat.

the amount of damage certain blocks could take would change depending on the temperature. maybe make ice blocks melt around your base if it was warm enough?

as far as armor goes in both games some sets could provide more warmth than others , and some sets could provide better cooling than others.

I hope my wall of text gets the idea across in an understandable way. if any of you know of better uses of the temperature system or know how to flesh it out please tell us. i think this idea could go a long way and go hand in hand with many other features of the game.