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XBOX Promo Codes

Postby brian » Sat Aug 16, 2014 9:59 pm

We've gotten a few questions about the promo codes in Xenominer, DownGate Deathmatch and now Xenominer Swarm.

The codes list in the game will be for a different game. So in Xenominer, if there is a promo code on the main screen, it will be for either DownGate or Xenominer Swarm. This is how us greedy devs get your 3 dollars :) - Or we are trying to get you to try some new great games.

The codes are specific to your account. Most often, when people have troubles with the code, they are entering the code incorrectly. The most common mistakes are with 5/s and 0/o (5/S - 0/O) - if you have one of these in your code, try the 'matching' letter/number. If you have multiple of these in your code, you may have a little combinatorics problem on your hands (yay math). If your code is made up completely of these numbers and letters.. I'm sorry.

You can always send me a pm with your case sensitive gamertag and the code you are having problems with and I will help you out.
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