October 2015 Update

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October 2015 Update

Postby Gristmill » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:32 pm

Hello All!

We continue to keep the door open on PC copies of the Standard Edition, free to anyone. Use the discount code XENOFREE

We are currently exploring options for funding further development - we have some interesting options and opportunities on the table which we are working to make happen. Though we had tried to fund our studio through product sales, it has become apparent that we will need an initial starting seed of funding if we ever want to move this studio from off-time hobby to full time, full steam studio. There just isn't enough time for all the needs a really great game has (or even a mediocre one) and it takes a heavy toll on families and jobs when we really push our off-hours trying to move fast enough to ever finish. That doesn't even include the time it takes to adequately manage the community, facebook, emails, pm's and extraneous duties that are required to keep the studio alive.

Development to port the engine into Unity is also underway. Via Unity, our target platforms are currently PC (Steam), X1 and PS4 - Sony has been especially helpful and developer friendly.

Help we could use:

If anyone has or can capture high-resolution (1280x720 or greater) action footage of Swarm, we could use it (contact us). We primarily need footage that shows:
1) Multiple players
2) Lots of bugs (more than 3)
3) Turrets and defenses in action

If you have or get some footage of those 3 things all happening at the same time, in a way that makes for a good video, please let us know.

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Re: October 2015 Update

Postby bradrose90 » Sat May 12, 2018 1:36 pm

If you are interesting in purchasing the game - it can be found here:


Unfortunately, the original post didn't leave a link as to where it can be found and has probably gone dead.

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