PC v2.1.1 Released! Multiplayer and MegaTerrain

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PC v2.1.1 Released! Multiplayer and MegaTerrain

Postby Gristmill » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:31 pm

This release is a big one. It contains more content, more bug fixes, and more new features than anything since release!

Multiplayer is in!!!

Things to note right away: The terrain system has been completely reworked -- don't worry, your old saves still work as before! And there are 4 awesome new biomes.

1) Massive Craters -- massive impact craters for exploring and building bases. Get your ice here in the shadows where the sun only reaches part of the day.

2) Badlands (Canyons) -- Dry desert sandstone and sand layers, carved out through time immemorial.

3) Sky Islands -- Our original floating island concept taken massive. These islands were ripped from the terrain below them and leave the scars to show it. Look for ice in the deep shadows beneath them. Endurium hunters, grab your jetpacks and look for that distinctive green glow. Sky Islands are rich with resources for those brave enough to explore them.

4) Plateaus -- Large cliffs with massive overhangs. Similar to sky islands, yet anchored to the ground and more accessible.

All 4 biomes are carved through and through with massive cave complexes. Be very wary however, the tuned up mobs live in nests they've built in whatever nook and cranny they could dig out of the side of the caves.
The textures have been re-worked. Most of your old favorites still exist. The ores have been modified to be more visible. We've added many new rock types (Common Basalt, Granite, Sandstone (4 primary and 4 banded types). Each stone type has 2 refined voxels that can be crafted and used to dress up your constructs (bricks, hewn blocks, carved blocks).

There are 2 new crystals to round out the color palette some (orange and purple). More wall panel types made of various metals, as well as fencing and a grate tile ideal for catwalks and sci-fi floors.

Solar panels have changed behavior slightly -- they no longer like the dark, except when placed next to Endurium -- cuz it's hella radioactive now. That's right, now you can build that power station with Endurium blocks and panels :) But watch about getting radiation sickness. Also, power production has been lowered some to require more solar panels during play.

Venators: Those nasty mobs have been in the lab with Gristmill's best bio-engineers. Now they have updated/improved pathfinding (to kill you better) along with a texture update for that smooth, glowing, blemish-free skin.
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