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XenoMiner in the Indie Royale Bundle!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:49 pm
by Gristmill
XenoMiner joins Cities in Motion 2, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Impire and Perfection in the Indie Royale Birthday Bundle. Grab it now while it's incredibly cheap!

Package includes: access to unique schematic for "Mother of Pearl" voxels, as well as the "Prospector's Bundle" starter kit to help you get a jumpstart on new games. After this unlock code is entered (under News > Content) new games will start your miner with upgraded equipment: 2nd Tier Helmet, PICK, Suit, Backpack and Boots as well as upgraded Air and Battery Attachments.

Here's the bundle:

Tell your friends to get it now! :)

(Hey, guess what that means Early Adopters? Yeah, we finally have codes working. We're waiting on a final build approval and then we'll start mailing them out. Thanks for your patience!)