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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.16

Postby IceFireXD » Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:27 am

HEY! Guess who's back?!

I've come back after a really long time away, planning on restarting my super bio-dome... and what do I see?

"It would certainly mean old games would no longer be functional" ... REALLY?! >_<

I know this is still a ways down the road, but when you consider how much time I'd be investing into this map, the thought of losing it all anyway is really disheartening.

Is there any chance that old maps could be updated into this new "zone/arena" system? Perhaps a 'transitionary game' sort of thing that would let the map owner choose how the map gets zoned/broken-up? (the player chooses where the boundaries for initial zones are) I don't think something like this could be introduced into Xenominer as an option or something like that, so this 'game' would use the save data of Xenominer, and load it into an interface that allows us to choose where the boundaries of the zones/arenas are.

This option would actually have a couple different upsides. Players could actually plan ahead for the new zone/arena system and plan their maps accordingly. It'd also be a blessing for existing maps like the Leviathan Worlds in that they can break the maps up into their segments without half of someone's area being cut off. This method also means that there really wouldn't be any substantial downsides to swapping to the new engine. (BTW, the new dome is 256x256x126... any chance that could fit inside one zone/arena?)


Old map conversion issues aside, I don't really have any issue with the zone/arena idea so long as the zones/arenas are large enough. As far as I could see, no one gave any estimates on what the upper size limit might be for these areas. If we're talking about 1,000 x 1,000 zones, most players would end up feeling like it's infinite anyway. But if each zone/arena can only be like, 250 x 250... That would feel really cramped. Heck, at 250 x 250, standing in the center, you could see all 4 barriers between zones/arenas.

With regard to how you would move between them or how they might appear on the game, you could always take a cue from other games and make it like a shimmery wall. This wall could show a snapshot of what the zone/arena looked like the last time that the player was there. Approaching the wall would show an ( X ) just like the Centriforge. Pressing X would then send you to that zone/arena. I don't think something like that would need the host's permission to do, unless that person is in observer mode.

Anyway, I think I'll end this post here and wait to see what yall have to say.

P.S. It's good to be back.
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.16

Postby Gristmill » Thu Jun 26, 2014 9:02 pm


Long time no see!

Glad to have you back :D

We realize old save games not working would be hard to swallow for many, that's why we're having this discussion. There's been quite a bit of response that a second game would be preferable.

As far as your new ambitions: 256 x 256 x 126 = ~264 MB of memory just for the changes alone. We don't have anything near that kind of headroom, in fact, we only have about 150MB of working memory to start with, and that's before we put any sounds, textures, music or ... game ... into it. Sorry bud, that one is doomed to crash at some point.
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.16

Postby Starstrife » Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:01 pm

What good is an infinite world if it infinitely boring. Nothing wrong with huge zoned areas that have lots to do and find in them.
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.16

Postby IceFireXD » Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:38 pm

Gristmill, what about the size of the zones/arenas? How big do you think each zone/arena would be?
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.16

Postby LUMPdizzle666 » Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:35 pm

I did not read through all (or any) previous posts in this thread.

A finite world should be fine. I am however wondering if you know how big you would you be going. ( would suggest giving PC users a 3 size choice so they can choose one to fit their rig) Though for PC it might be possible to go Infinite world with manually placed chunk loaders ( just throwing that in there)

Zones is a great solution to the problem. I like the idea of having a 9 zones you starting in the center starting area. you could then expand the amount of Zones later in the game by unlocking a certain ...whatever (maybe a teleporter to a space station that you could then build onto)

I think releasing the new engine as a new title is a good option if the Majority of players want to save their existing worlds. I don't mind Either way

If you do go finite worlds I would also suggest increasing the amount ore available in the game...

I am come up with lots more but yea Hi all
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.16

Postby BioEvil » Tue Jul 08, 2014 9:04 pm

i would like to see teleporter and more ore i do have the old world and i made a new one too i dont mine starting over again to get a teleporter and is there a way if some one come to your world and mine or take anything that when they leave that all there stuff go to u or to storage? and r u guys going ot xbox1?
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.5

Postby RoadKill » Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:12 am

Teleporters for the multi limited areas. I have a few ideas on that. One way is the most common idea-you make it. Another is Xeno tech. Each zone has an Xeno building that has a teleporter that one hsa to find to activate in order to use. This last one isn't much of a teleport but moreso a 'fast travel': One makes a 'vehicle' that doesn't touch the ground- when used it will go to the next map but be in the same 'spot' ( x23 y55 one map to x23 y55 on the destination). However if there is land that would be in the spot one would appear....CRASH!
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Re: Updates, Engines and 2.5

Postby AnselmBlackheart » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:30 am

Some ideas:

1: I actually LOVE the idea of small 'zones'. This would require much less memory, would make actual STRUCTURES a possibility, and would even allow the tile system which would permit things like Air leaking out of doors.

2: I actually see an idea working well, along with the addition of new enemies and even a psuedo-endgame.

My idea is this:
A: The player starts out on a small section of the moon, struggles to make the necessary components and parts to get some threadless processor arrays and equipment. Basically, the game as it is now.

B: When you have enough processor power, you unlock the components for a Structure, specifically, a teleporter. Using this will send you to a nearby asteroid, which is where you are then encouraged by Daisy to set up a long term base, and this begins the next best thing.

C: Zones. Now that you no longer need Processing Power (Can we assume it just caps out here, to be nice), the player needs a new long term goal... and that is constructing probes which the player can launch onto a grid of areas. Like this>

| |
| S |
| |

The S is your Starting Location, and all the areas vertical and horizontal to it would be semi-lit up, giving you and idea of what is inside them. These would be based on a series of tiles, corresponding to specific 'types' of seeds. So a glowing green tile would be a radioactive area of some kind, a glowing purple could be alien structures, etc.

The diagonals would be shadowed out, along with anything not directly next to a lit up area. As the player makes more probes, more of the 'map' will be lit up. Revealing areas where there are resources, new enemies, and gradually pinpointing to areas that you would make for 'special' encounters.

This system would have several benefits. It would keep intact the basic experience of Xenominers as it is now, but would then provide a new sense of discovery. No longer JUST mining, it is also exploring new biomes, finding areas you could settle, etc. This system would also be pretty easy to code for. The individual biomes can be crafted by themselves, and then the code could just be added for the corresponding tile for the probe system. Then just make the tiles be semi-randomly selected each time you reveal new areas that could have a probe launched. Since it is randomly selected when the tile is revealed, that means even if you have an older save in the new system, you could still find new biomes.
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