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Postby xenogears » Thu Mar 26, 2015 5:02 pm

Interesting seed finds so far:
(Assuming you face North upon spawning)

666 (Don't read into it too much)

Basic info:
You spawn in a ravine type area, and to your South is the Xeno ship. North of spawn is a cave with an alien nest located directly outside the entrance, and offers much aluminum and a fair bit of copper, little iron, and some patches of silicon are present. Off to the East there is a cave with plenty of fresh iron and silicon, but little else in the form of copper and aluminum. Beware though the cave has a couple of alien nests in it that might prove to be an issue. To your immediate West there is a regolith biome. Spawn is exactly 39 blocks above bedrock.

Continuing far South of the Xeno ship, you'll find an ice biome. Continuing further South you should come across a small area full of holes; Going through the holes leads to a small ice cavern that transitions into a larger cavern; The small ice cavern contains plenty of purple and white crystals. A little bit farther South leads to another regolith biome.

Way far West, you will eventually reach a mountain biome, with an angled cut off from the regolith biome. You should see about 3-4 patches of crystals of magenta/pink, with probably some red color. Continuing way far West you should come across a crater, go past the crater and you will hit some floating islands.

A little way North you will hit a mountain biome. Farther North past the mounain biome is a regolith biome. Extremely far North is another mountain biome, after the regolith biome that is.

East contains mostly ravines and craters, eventually connecting with a regolith biome. Continue far East for a while and you will reach an ice biome. Continue even farther East and you will hit some floating islands.

I won't say much more on this seed, the rest is for you to find out. :)

"Zen" = 26 5 14 <-- numeric location of each letter on the English letter chart.

Basic info:
Spawn is inside a lone crater with the Xeno ship in a crater to the East. On the North side of crater, there is a cave up high containing mostly silicon and copper (good for an early starter), with very little aluminum or iron, alien nests are also spread thin. In a cave up on the South side of the crater, there is an abundance of copper and silicon, with little iron or aluminum, alien nests are spread out. Lots of small craters making for dugouts.

Going North, you will hit some floating islands after a short walk. After a short walk North past the floating islands, you will hit a regolith biome containing a large open area of mostly flat land. Continue North a little bit and you will reach more floating islands. Continuing North is more regolith biome.

After a short travel East from the Xeno ship, you will hit some floating islands and a regolith biome.

After quite a ways South, you will hit a mountain biome. After trudging through the mountain biome, you will reach another regolith biome and some more floating islands.

Once you get over the West wall of the crater you immediately hit a regolith biome. After a long arduous walk you will eventually reach an ice biome (Slightly off to the left if walking directly West). The rest is a continued regolith biome West.

I won't say much more on this seed, the rest is for you to find out. :)

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