Possible new updates :)

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Possible new updates :)

Postby UltraFRS » Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:23 am

I started this thread to look into getting some new idea's added to Xenominer so if any of you lovely dev's are watching feel free o take some inspiration :p

Power Station (+ UI add on FOB (foward operating base) Power Bar):
A separate bar from your own personal battery supply, Each object in you FOB has a power requirement and not having enough power can have drastic outcomes on both your own life and the life of your FOB.

Let's say for example you have 20 Singlex processing cores, These take up 3KWh (Kilowatts per hour, standard unit of power using metric) of power each and you only have 45 KWh being generated by your power station then your SPC's will only have 75% of the power they need to operate so a deduction will be applied to there output of 25% meaning instead of getting 20 processing power you would only get 75% of it meaning you would get 15 processing power :)

Each power station would have 4 slot's/podium where you can place a power module (a modifier to boost the power station's output).

Power Module's:
Used in each power station to modify the amount of power in your FOB, Some providing a percentile boost while some provide a solid boost.

Not really sure what to call each possible unit but I would recommend at least 4 or 6 different modules 2or 3 solid boost and 2 or 3 percentile boost.

Power Control Node:
A power control node is the nerve center of any power station's in your FOB and all power stations in the FOB should be routed to here in order to apportion it's supply to the rest of the FOB. It will display current usage and required power level's on a small screen inside the power node (this could be a menu instead of a screen on a solid object if you wish) and the information displayed will change with each FOB you create or connect to "The Grid".

If the Dev's need any more info feel free to post a comment here :)
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