demo won't work

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demo won't work

Postby treos » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:01 pm

hi, i have swarm on xbox live (will be getting xenominer on there too later) and was going to try the free pc demo of xenominer which i just downloaded (from the gristmill site) (mainly since its just a short time trial on xbox live >.>). problem is, i installed it all correctly and to the default install path but now when i try clicking the start menu shortcut or the exe (application?) in the folder it installed to nothing happens at all. no error messages, it doesn't appear in task manager (at all, not even a split second), simply nothing happens at all.

OS: windows 7

graphics card is a chipset since i use a laptop: Mobile Intel(R) Series Express Chipset Family

if the game was having graphics card related issues it'd give an error message (almost ALL times theres a issue related to that a error message would pop up) but since its not even booting up at all i highly doubt its graphics related. antivirus (AVG) gave no alerts or anything during installation either so its not that.

all i'll be using on this laptop would be the demo as this one doesn't seem to be a time trial. i'll buy the full version on the xbox360 when i can.
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Re: demo won't work

Postby Gristmill » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:08 pm

For the PC demo, check the stuff in this thread:

It's actually not uncommon for there to be a silent failure on a graphics-card related issue, and that is the main issue we have, basically because we're using a .NET product which means Direct3D.

As to time of trial, that's determined by Microsoft. It's 8 minutes only, and Xbox Live enforces that timer without any code on our side.
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Re: demo won't work

Postby treos » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:51 pm

:/ i already tried everything in that thread but to no avail. guess i'll just have to wait until i can get it on xbox. oh and the pc demo has a error file in it from 2013.

well, at least i have swarm for now and a good idea of what to look forward to. :)

now then, back to grinding for a million so i can FINALLY unlock a 2nd planet or 2 mill for that asteroid field (that sounds like a real fun and potentially quite profitable place to mine). much as i'd like to visit it and see what lava is like in your games, i'll save heliok for last.

edit: TY mineral scanner lvl 3. ^.^ i bought a claim on xenos and so far i'm at around 579k gredits, a bit over half way (or a quarter of the way if i go for the asteroid field >.> tempting...quite tempting for the interesting locations that could provide) to my 1st planet unlock. i love how the mineral scanner shows the locations of minerals btw, its much easier and more convenient than simply showing on the minimap (if that would even work)
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