a few questions

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a few questions

Postby treos » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:32 pm

well, 2 questions for now.

1. which biome would be best for finding obsidian? and 2. can glass (clear and/or cloudy) block radiation from endurium like they already do with the sun? 3. also, would i be correct in assuming the range in which processors add power to the forge is the same distance as say the condenser?

i have another idea for another interesting base design in a different world (seed: 4294967295, i think its the highest possible seed which is QUITE a high number of possible worlds.). this time it'll be made within the crater where the initial spawn point is. its one of those big wide craters and will require a vast amount of silicon regardless of the answer to number 2. i just have to clear the building area down to the bedrock layer first >.> and thats taking a fair bit of work for now.
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Re: a few questions

Postby still crosshair » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:58 pm

1 obsidian cannot be found in xenominer anymore. It was in but then they removed it for some reason. Now it could be in the new biomes coming to xenominer since one is a magma biome and obsidian is a igneous rock. 2 glass blocks radiation from endurium the same as the sun and that goes for most blocks. If they block 1 type then most likely they block the other. Crystals last time I checked were special in how they blocked/allowed stuff.3 A processors range is only limited by the size of your relay. It was only a 30 block limit from forge but was changed to where the relay can connect the two from more then 30 blocks.

A little warning here about strip mining to bedrock. It can lead to world reverts especially if its a large area. Some suggest only going to about 10 or 20 block down but I do not know if it helps to prevent reverts or not.
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Re: a few questions

Postby treos » Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:55 am

could've sworn i saw a bedrock block or 2 somewhere in a cave on the world with my floating island base... especially since some portions of the caves under the islands go down to bedrock naturally. well, i don't see any after going back into the caves, maybe i imagined it while in some of the sections i hadn't put light in yet. the caves under those islands can be very vast btw, no telling how far they can stretch.

as for the world reset warning, i guess if it does i can always fall back to this island again. i doubt that one is going anywhere unless i delete it for some reason. does that apply to swarm as well?
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Re: a few questions

Postby Timpraetor » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:24 am

Backup, backup, backup! Grab yourself a couple of low cost 2GB USB flash drives and format them in your Xbox 360. Any time you make major changes to an important world, use the System Storage menu to copy the Xenominer file to one of the USB fobs. You can also play off of the fobs.

Swarm is not bothered by the strip mining issue (the worlds are much smaller) and I believe that it's resolved in XM 2.6. We'll have to retest that one... :oops:

As to obsidian, it is in the Magma biome, so it will be available in Xenominer 2.6 if you have the Downgate promo code. It is already available on Heliok (the volcanic planet) in Xenominer Swarm.

You will only ever find Bedrock at level 0/1 on a world.

All types of glass work fine at providing a radiation block for Endurium and PlasmaCage blocks. A cool source of power is an 8wx8dx6h cloudy glass cage (cheap) enclosing a 2x2x2 Low Endurium Ore cube surrounded on all sides by 16 Solar Arrays (any type will do). oh, I suggest placing the solar arrays first - :ugeek: Place your best repeater on top of the class cage and you're good to go.

I'd love to see the new world when you're ready.
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Re: a few questions

Postby treos » Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:44 am

well, sadly i've never managed to get the online multiplayer working on my xbox (tried but couldn't figure out how to set up the router correctly) so any pics i share of it will likely turn out as colorful blurs. never seen a plasmacage block but i'm pretty sure that even at 3-500 processing power i'll still have recipes to unlock.

as for the obsidian, i'll just have to wait patiently for an update to this game like i am for swarm. >.> looking forward to unlocking heliok, the asteroid field (thats my next goal and i'm hoping it'll be pretty interesting.) and that update so claims will prove more useful. for now, i have a sulis claim and around 1/3-1/2 of the map is under a massive brown sandstone plateau (i forgot what its actually called :oops: ) so thats as good for high end ore (25k gredit crates) as my xenos crater claim for now.

edit: btw, mining through brown sandstone down to bedrock for endurium and diamonds? hard as F to see at night, even with the flashlight alway on in swarm by default. the tunnels turn almost pitch black during night time. maybe if those wall lights (colored crystal + silicon) could be added to swarm or something.
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