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Bot Pause Option

Postby Azic » Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:33 am

I would like a pause option for the bot.
When you hit the left trigger you get the recall option for the bot, so why not change it up so that we have Yes, No, and Pause Bot. And then when you go back in with a paused Bot that last option changes to Resume Bot.
Now from my experience with save related glitches and the bot (I just made a comment about it on the newer thread on mined blocks still in the world), you'd need to have it either pause right after the bot finishes the current action or have it back up to the action it just started and restart from the start of that action.
Example its mining a block and you hit pause. Either have the bot finish mining the block before pausing or have it stop mining and go back to the start of that mining action. I think pausing it after it finishes mining would be best and have the least chance of save related bot script glitches.
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