Another grav panel that pulls

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Another grav panel that pulls

Postby still crosshair » Sun Mar 22, 2015 3:11 pm

Was thinking about how both the gravity platforms and grav panels push players around. Would be possible to have another grav panel that would pull players instead of push. So the grav panel could move a player towards it and maybe into a grav panel or grav platforms line of push. It could be used to make some interesting things. If grav panels were called grav pusher then they could simply name the block grav puller and call it a day. No clue what you could call it to make sure people are not confused about what it does. Perhaps give it a similar texture so people see it is different from the grav panel. One other thing would be the crafting recipe for the block. It seems like so far both grav panels and platforms simply push, so would something need to be done or put with the endurium to make it pull instead of push?
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