Ship, Aliens, and Avatars?

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Ship, Aliens, and Avatars?

Postby xenogears » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:10 am

I know this has probably been said/asked of before.
So Daise claims that you have come off a ship and crashed on this "Moon", and yet I see no ship, and exactly what attacked the ship? I don't exactly understand why we are on this moon, and also where are the Xeno's? (Ironically Xeno means alien, so the entire game is called AlienMiner) We see that the Xeno's ship is intact and that they wanted this moon for it's Endurium, but where are they, and why isn't there an alien type camp/base? The ship has multiple levels to it, but no "meat" just "bones". Also I know Xenominer Swarm is supposed to be the alien defence type game, however, I would like to see some aliens other than Venators in Xenominer, and why not add the avatars from Swarm and Downgate to Xenominer just to flesh it out a little more... I feel like Xenominer gets no love in many departments :/

I would love to see these things added to flesh out the game and story a little more surrounding Xenominer:
--2 more alien types
--a crashed ship somewhere on the map
--more alien type stuff (blocks, eggs, etc.)
--an alien camp
--avatars from Downgate, and Swarm added instead of the blocky non-movable avatars

These are just things I think would help Xenominer, and improve the story and surroundings in the game.
I hope this game continues to get updated, and that changes are in the future works. ^v^ Keep up the great work!

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