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More a cost

Postby Kage1129 » Tue May 12, 2015 1:30 am

So I know that better technology means the game would be easier, which is why I asked for harder planets.
So obviously just having stronger turrets would be cool, but it feels a bit lazy to me.
I'd like to recommend the following:
A network block that allows an additional turret per block, but takes 300 energy. Costs 250,000 credits

Enurium gas generator. Converts biomass into a usable gas for more advanced weapons. The pollution caused by the generator attracts units to your location, and damages players who are within 5 blocks of it just like a chemical weapon. The generator turns 1 biomass into 3 enurium gas. Costs 1,000,000 credits

A laser turret that takes 1000 energy per shot and 10 enurium gas, but can hit any target in sight, doing as much damage as a rocket launcher or more, and takes up 2x2 blocks. The firing rate should obviously be low, like maybe fires once every 5 seconds. The thousand energy would mean you'd have to set up a decent operation to get it up and running. Costs 2,000,000 credits

An orbital satellite similar to the alien drone you can find in Xenominer. It requires a few different blocks to operate that I'll list next. The satellite uses a virtual map the player sets up to be told where to attack. Upon receiving coordinates, the Satellite charges up with 5000 energy to both fly and attack. Once it is full, it takes off, flies to the destination, then releases a massive red laser on the area, with a 5x5 block blast radius. The Satellite charges the same way a weapon does but just has it's own internal storage device. costs 10,000,000 credits

Orbital map block: This block shows the entire map on a virtual screen. It shows everything on the players map, just on a larger scale. Requires 500 energy. Costs 500,000 credits

I know a shield projector/emitter is already out there but I'd like to make it more sophisticated.
I'm imagining a shield projector that takes 50 energy per block of shield. The shield projector offers a full scale customization of whatever shape you need. It allows you to specify the exact size and shape of the shield on a per block basis. You can either just pick a basic shape, or use a grid to pick what blocks to place a shield in. Then you choose where to place the shield by specifying the X, Y and Z coordinates from the position of the emitter itself (5 blocks forward, 5 blocks up, and/or 5 blocks to the sde or whatever dimensions the user specifies.) To make it more balanced, the shield emitter can replace a broken shield block every 3 seconds. Once the shield block is destroyed, the emitter needs another 50 energy to replace the block. Due to the powerful nature of this block, a cost of 5,000,000 seems fair.

I know all these blocks are fairly expensive, but it's meant for players who already have almost everything.
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