Optional paths after the cores

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Optional paths after the cores

Postby still crosshair » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:36 am

The idea of having optional sets or pathways of things to do seems great. Currently it is build cores then you do it all over again every time you make a world. After Cores not much is available to do it seems. You can currently make a base that can have air and other features like power and doors. Not really any other pathways then buiding to go down after that. Sure you can explore if you like, but you cannot find anything than other biomes to highly influence it as something to do. Crashed ships, more xenotech, and uncraftable loot would all make this pathway highly pursued. Other pathways could include terraforming, crafting automation, and the list can go on and on. All these optional pathways could or could not intersect. Examples includes finding terraforming equipment or advanced machine schematics for daisy. It is all optional as well so that someone does not have to explore or automate to complete the task of building up cores and PP. I know xbox 360 might have problems with more stuff. We can always hope for xbox one/PS4 versions that can handle it.
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