Things that need to be dealt with.

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Things that need to be dealt with.

Postby JohnnyBlood » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:55 pm

I know some of these could be considered bugs, but they've been around so long they might as well be items that need extra features.

Translucent blocks become transparent at a certain angle. this needs to be fixed and it ruins some designs involving partially transparent blocks.

Venators need to have some presence. They don't show any sign of existing, by this i mean they don't respond to the terrain very well, and they don't react to getting shot. This could be fixed with a change in their movement. They would move slower crawling vertically than horizontally, they would develop a limp if they are damaged enough, they would get pushed back or staggered every time they are shot. Nothing that really requires a new animation, just some extra coding.

I know a lot of ppl keep pushing for extra features, but personally i think these two things need to be dealt with ASAP. Mostly the venator thing.

When i first started playing Xenominer, which was way early in development, I admired it because it wasn't just some minecraft clone with way too many blocks that served no purpose other than saying "we have more blocks than minecraft." Xenominer had very few blocks but each block was necessary and well thought of for the world you created.
A lot of the other games had a bunch of interchangeable mobs that barely had any AI to them and a lack of animation. Xenominer didn't have any mob and it was kind of a "less is more" situation because it felt cleaner and more polished for it. When the Venators were announced i was excited, but even i feared what this could do to the game. I don't think Venators should be removed, you worked hard on them and tried to make them different from you're typical zombie i see everywhere else, but they definitely need to be tweaked so as to not feel like a lazy AI.

With all that being said i'm still planning on buying xenominer if it gets on steam. I really want this game to be a success and i know if it does these kind of problems will be fixed.
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Re: Things that need to be dealt with.

Postby PD Enki » Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:34 pm

Great post. You've brought up some good points that I believe the community agrees with but had yet to voice themselves. The transparent block glitch is a real shame when a player gets a creative idea involving translucent blocks that backfires because of the glitch.

If Xenominer goes up on steam, I might buy a PC specifically for it. I love this game. And I'd love to see these issues resolved.
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Re: Things that need to be dealt with.

Postby still crosshair » Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:29 pm

Adding on to the venator train here, I remember something about venators rebuilding nests being a future idea. I think it would add to making the venators feel alive and of course adding a challenge as well. Since removing a nest would not permanently rid the area of venators. No clue how that was intended to work, or if it could even work. It is possibly adding a lot to the game, in terms of having to work it into the current game.
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