News and Updates 6/12/2013

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News and Updates 6/12/2013

Postby Gristmill » Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:10 am

Thought you all might like some news on where things are with the next update!


We currently have a hostile "hunter" mob mostly implemented for a basic gameplay version, you can see pictures posted on our FB page or in the XenoMiner Talk forum. We're wrapping up work on where it spawns and how often. Our primary obstacle right now is an issue with processing time per mob, something we're trying hard to ratchet down.

More life-forms will follow, but we will likely start with just this one.


We have a plasma pistol, plasma rifle (automatic), sniper rifle (needs some UI work), and a plasma launcher (not implemented except for placeholder effects). The pistol and plasma rifle will make it into the first update, and possibly the sniper rifle. Launcher to follow later.

Guns have been fully networked so your fire is visible across all clients.


As many of these systems are best handled by one or two devs at a time, we've been able to dedicate some extra side work to improving the feedback in the game. There are new sounds for Crafting something in the Centriforge, using the grav-pad, receiving radiation (still tweaking), using nanomed/rad injections, toggling the hotbar, and probably a couple I'm forgetting. The extra feedback makes the game feel more responsive and more polished.


We've implemented a basic permission system controlled by the host. Though we plan to extend this further, for now a new joiner will join without dig and build rights which must be granted by the host. This should protect public worlds from most grief.

Networking bugs/issues:

Wrong backpack/containers on rejoin. We think we've found the root cause of this and a solution. Testing so far has been good (no replication of issue) but more testing will be done.

Lag on more complex worlds: we're revamping how the changelog is saved on the host to streamline this process and hopefully relieve this issue.

Lag on any world with more than a couple players: network handling and packet management has been overhauled, with a huge reduction in the number of "reliable" packets that must be sent. This streamlining should have a big impact on reducing lag (especially on the host) when activity is high, in which the host ends up spending all of its cycles gathering and verifying incoming packets.


Bot loss on quit while running: fixed (and lost bots returned)
Improvements to the Bot Interface
Text input now handled in-game (fixes text boxes on Full Screen)


Terrain Revamp: another side project while team members wait on networking and mob updates has been a project to take terrain to the next level. You may have seen a screenshot or two on the FB page. This is a work in progress that won't see the next update, but should be coming down the pipe pretty quickly.

We have some great massive Crater biomes, some Badlands with rough broken terrain, a new take on the Floating Islands, and arching Canyons. We're toying with the placement of Ice in more realistic areas (crater shadows, cave entrances) and leaving some biomes barren of it - if it plays well, you'll be having to prepare before you venture into some areas.

Caves have been revisited to be a bit more coherent and sweeping. Finally, a lot of new color will be introduced to the world as we add some alien-esque landscapes: blues, oranges, greens, reds and yellow sandstones to bring more vibrancy to each biome.
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