drone select bug

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drone select bug

Postby treos » Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:37 pm

well thats certainly different. apparently i died and it popped up the list for me to select a different drone to spawn as, i hit b and came back as the one that just died (my normal one i use for mission with the best gear and whatnot) and have died again only for another downgate pop-up to appear asking me to select a drone with only the now dead drone listed and an A button prompt to choose it. it got me stuck in the middle of a tech gather mission with venator's gnawing at me until the timer ran out.

doesn't it usually throw you back to the lobby of the mission to choose a different drone or tell you your now stuck with the rental drone due to lack of money for repairs? i think it does...usually.

edit: might want to make this a 2 bug post. should this loaner drone be able to place obsidian block (note: loaner drones are never poweful enough to mine obsidian) without any energy usage at all? i'm sitting here placing them without using any energy at all, bug?
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